Wednesday, May 18

Colored Legs

 After much thought and consideration of purpose, place and use. I have decided a color for the legs on my seizure chair.
First I went with the Emerald Green. Which looks more like Granny Smith Apple in the photo because of the lighting.

Then I went with silver.

Oh man! I like them both. They give the chair two different styles, two different feels and I could use it in two different places.

I decided to go with the silver. I loved the green. It made the Houndstooth POP and made the chair very fun and whimsy. But in the end I felt like I wanted it in the living room and the green made it look like it belonged in the playroom. So I went with Silver. The silver is nice. It makes it look more expensive and neutral-ish. I guess when I move I can always reconsider and paint again.


  1. I like the silver, too...looks less juvenile. Turquoise would be fun also!

  2. Hi Jenna,
    I just found your blog from All Things Thrifty. Your chair caught my eye because I just bought the same fabric for one of my chairs and I was a little unsure of it. But I LOVE your chair! I can't wait to get mine finished. The pillow makes it so fun as well.
    I have a suggestion for your chair legs. Why don't you sand some of the silver off to let some of the green peek through. I think it would add that little bit of fun, but still keep it serious enough for the family room. Fun blog.

  3. Lisa!! Thank you!! I was nervous too then thought... What the heck... go for it LOL. That is a good Idea. I am going to try that! Thanks! My pillow is Dwell Studio from Target! It it super fun!

  4. Who do you get to do your upholstery? I live in Midland too.

    I LOVE the chair!! I can never find anything fabulous on Craigslist.


  5. Kim I use cervantes upholstery on Midland Dr and Illinois.


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