Tuesday, May 31

Mini Tri-Athlete

 I think it is so fun and so awesome to watch my oldest son Parker want to be just like his dad. His dad is his hero and best friend. I love that God has molded my husband into a perfect role model for them. Parker wants to "spend time" with Phillip every second of the day. When Phillip gets home from work Parker is always beggin to wrestle or to spend time with each other or go run together. Parker is looking forawrd to the day he can run a tri with his daddy. He likes to go on little practice runs with him. I am praying that God will heal Parker's asthma and one day he will be able to join his daddy in his first triathlon. The other day I was getting ready to put Parker and Beckham in the bath and I noticed Parker had number written all over his arms and legs. See picture below.

I giggled a little when I recognized what he had done. I asked him what the numbers were for and his reply was "Mom, I'm running a triathlon like dad. These are my race numbers." He was so matter of fact about it that I couldn't help but laugh. He is precious and I love his spirit and ambition to be like his dad.
Parker has began to "Calorie" count just like his dad too. Last week in class he asked his teacher how many calories were in his Goldfish. HA! MY little health nut. I love that he eats nuts and dried fruits and granola yogurt. He cracks me up! This morning we had donuts for breakfast and he told me that he could only eat one because he didn't want it to make him fat today. 

I will leave you with a pic of my race ready boy! Go Parker!

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