Wednesday, May 18

Mud Dog

 Our little Caroline brings a lot of laughter and joy to the house. The boys are in total LOVE with her. She is a GREAT puppy. I was alittle nervous getting her at first because she is a Yorkie and Yorkies are small. Small and dainty don't sit well with my boys.

Well, Caroline might be small, but She loves to run and wrestles. She loves to pick on the boys and for them to chase her. If she wasn't so small so would be a wonderful outside dog. She LOVES to be outside. She tears up my grass, digs hole in my lawn and loves to run in the MUD!

She is our little MUD dog.

Caroline with her prized palm branch (without thorns of course)

 A boy and his puppy

Here is a little clip of her running through the mud. She loved it. Ignore me scolding my son for making knee deep holes in my flower beds and the way I talk to my dog like she is human. I am a total nerd, I have come to terms with this. ;)

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