Wednesday, May 18

Owning the Palm

 The freeze we had this past February murdered my beautiful palm bushes in my front flower beds. Phillip and I aren't really big on landscaping and the flower beds annoy us to no end. I hate keeping up with the random grass growing in the flower beds and the monstrous weed shrubs I get, make me livid. Flowers are beautiful and I love them but I don't really want my budget to go to Flowers. I would rather buy pretty dresses, shoes and fun jewelry. Not flowers that are going to get smothered by weeds or frozen or burned up.

One of my weeds that was the size of a small shrub.

But.... in the end it really isn't attractive when your flower beds look like poo and everyone else on the street has these beautiful flower bed bursting with vivd color and cool eye catching texture.

Our littlest helper. He enjoys watering down the soil. 

So last friday night Phillip and I decided to tackle these bad boys. Palms are tough! They have game. But Phillip totally owned them. Well one of them. The other is still there.

 Phillip Owning that Palm.

 Bye-Bye Palm Bush!

Our ground is rock hard. I am thinking something is wrong with our bubbler system. Maybe if the ground was healthy I would have healthy plants. That will be this next weekends project. Figuring out the water issue.

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