Tuesday, May 10

Seizure Chair Anyone?

 I finally picked up my new chair from the Upholstery shop today! I am so excited about it. I bought this old grungy chair for $15 off of Craigslist back in January and had it recovered in Houndstooth. I love it. Although it may cause you to black out from dizziness if you stare at it too long. HA! I kidding! It is great. Now all I have to do is paint the legs a fun color. I am stuck between emerald green, platinum silver or a bronzy gold.... Hmmmm..... decisions, decisions....



I love it!! I hope you all do too! I have been moving it all over my house to find it's perfect home ;).  It's going to be a really great "Reading Chair". 


  1. I vote for emerald green...love it!

  2. If I can ask, how much did it cost to reupholster the chair? I have wanted to do something similar for awhile.

  3. I paid 300 for the upholstery and 30 for the fabric. I hope this helps. I suggest finding your fabric online. It saves a lot of money. ;)


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