Monday, May 23

Unite in Prayer

 I got word today that tomorrow (Tuesday) there is a huge meeting being held in Ethiopia between the Ethiopian Government and the MOWA on Adoption and or agencies. The specifics are un clear. I know that it is going to be an all day meeting. They will be discussing the reduction in MOWA letters (the letter you need to be approved in court) from 50 letters a day down to only 5. This is huge. This will drastically delay the homecoming of hundreds of sweet children that are waiting for their forever families this year. We are asking the you will be in prayer. I of course am hopeful that we will get news on our case and if court dates will be reissued this month. But I am even more hopeful for the Big Picture outcome of this meeting. Don't only be in prayer for me and my family and our sweet little one. There are 5 million of these little ones that need our prayers as well. Pray for these sweet kids and their chance at a forever family. Pray that the MOWA will see the heart in adoption and they will become sensitive to these adoptions and these waiting children and families. Pray for the government that they will have wisdom and the Holy Spirit will move in them and their hearts will be broken for these children and the scales will be removed. Pray that God will work supernaturally in this country. God is bigger than any power hungry organization, consular or government. Please join us in prayer for these children who wait.

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