Monday, May 9

We have a Puppy???

 Some of you may be in as much shock as I am. Phillip reluctantly agreed to getting a puppy. Parker saved his quarters for a really long time and so did mommy. Ha! So I'd like to introduce you to ..... Caroline.... Our Puppy!!

meeting her for the first time

Parker's little friend Lincoln was over the morning we got her. They loved her immediately ;)

She has the cutest little ears

and she is lazy ;)

Phillip "meeting" her for the first time. 

see she is lazy.

Phillip loves her. Though he onlt admits it to me in private. He even enjoyed giving her a bath last night. His favorite thing to do it get her all rawlled up right before bed. Ha! 

She is a great puppy and a fun little addition to the family. 

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