Wednesday, June 15

Bech Trip Part 5

The last day at the beach was so fun and relaxing! I can't wait to go back. Better yet I can't wait to take the boys to a white sand beach somewhere. We definitely enjoyed our little trip. 

I asked Parker to clean up all of his sand toys and this is how he cleaned them up. Since he was a baby he has lined everything up in a perfect organized row. He is so much like his dad it is hilarious. 

We ended our last day at this yummy little Italian restaraunt. It was better then most I have had in NYC! YUM!

The next day we drove into Harlengin and got ready for my sister-in-law's graduation party. Their church was nice enough to let us use there fellowship hall and already had the tables and chairs set up for us. All we needed to do was decorate. We wanted to keep it simple but girlie and fun. Here is what we came up with.

Here is a pic of Phillip and I at the celebration. We had a good time meeting all of Jessica's family and friends and celebrating her accomplishment of graduating high school. 


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