Monday, June 20

Busted Up

 While driving to the airport on Saturday I received this text....

I paniced...Why would he need his cell.... I knew something was wrong....

Here is the picture that followed.....

Like any mommy my hurt sunk and I hurt because I wasn't there. Beckham and I have a sweet bond. He is like a magnet on my hip and he will be 3 in July. We are two little peas in a pod. So knowing that he is busted up and I am 300 miles away made me really sad. But he was in good hands.  His daddy is a wonderful protector and I knew he would make him feel safe. 

Here are the pictures that soon followed my instruction to go to the ER NOW!!! 

My poor Shugee!! He looks so sad. 

Basically what happened was he was throwing a ball back and forth with a friend of ours in the pool in our neighborhood. Beckham was standing in the shallow 1 foot baby pool and our friend in the big pool. Beckham threw the ball and lost his footing. He fell forward catching his chin on the edge of the pool. OUCH!!!!! As a result his chin busted wide open leaving fat and other sick stuff handing out and blood gushing every where. Are you grossed out yet? HA! 

They went to the ER and got all glued up! They wanted to stitch him but because his skin is so soft there and he is only 2 and would probably mess with it stitches probably wouldn't work. The Glue has held up great. 

He is gonna have a mean scar on his chin now. :( 


  1. Look at it as his christening into manhood :)

  2. I'm afraid to say it might be the first of many scars (hopefully very tiny, tiny scars) :-) Boys will be boys.


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