Wednesday, July 6

New Pics of Our Angel

 I wish so badly that I could show you all the sweet little face behind the flower. M is the most beautiful little thing. There are so major things going on in the village she is from this week. We are praying that God will move this mountain and his hand will be over the orphanage she is from and his hands will guide the hearts and minds of those visiting there. We will hopefully know more on this by the 13th or shortly after. We are desperately praying for M and asking God to bring her home to America. In the mean time here are a few little pics we got of her last night. 

She looks so sweet in the little clothes that I got her. I can't wait to send her more. Everyone who has met her tells me that she is a DOLL and they all wanted to take her home too. They say she is really lovable and sweet. She is dainty and petite. To me she is perfect. I simply cannot wait to meet her and hold her close to my heart. 


  1. Hi, I'm Leslie and we are adopting 2 boys with CCI (waiting on a court date like you). Praying with you that we will hear good news soon.

  2. Hoping and praying we get our court dates this week! I know we were submitted on the same date, but we had not received ours yet. Praying for our kiddos.


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