Wednesday, July 6

A Weekend in the Mountains

To celebrate the 4h this year we joined some good friends of ours on a trip to the mountains. My friend Sherry and her husband invited us to stay with them in their families cabin. I'm not quite sure if you would call this a cabin. It is so nice and it was so great to get away from life here and just hang out in Ruidoso.

Beckham really loved little Anna

I noticed the kids were starting to gather around something on the ground so I went to check it out and here is what I found....

Big nasty worms. So gross...

They were all very fascinated with them. 

Again.. Torturing more worms... 

Sherry was a great host made cooked us up some delicious meals. 

The kids all snuggled in for a movie night.

On Sunday we spent some time at a park... I had a bad headache and was bummed I couldn't fully enjoy it but Philly seemed to have fun for the both of us. 

My and my big boy

Later that evening we sat outside and let the big kids practice shooting there BB guns. They had a ton of fun pretending that they were hunting. 

These were our little dinner friends Sunday night. They were really close and surprisingly not very scared of us. We discovered that night that deer love hot dog buns and mustard. Shhh... don't tell anyone. 

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