Wednesday, August 17


 We got new pics of our little one in Ethiopia this weekend. She is beyond beautiful! I cannot wait to show you pics of her without the flower in her face. She is a doll. I have to share this with you though. the girl has some HAIR! I don't even know where to begin on this mess. I prayed for a little one with an afro.

God definitely delivered....

I am starting her room soon. Right now I am working on a couple of design boards to figure out what I like and want. I'll keep you posted... Keep Praying! I know God is fighting this battle for us!!


  1. Hey Jenna its Adriana! Im so happy for you that Gods out pouring of blessings has been over your family. This is just awesome! Little secret for her hair... for my girls I always use a leave in conditioner and a creme called Just For Me Curl Smoother Creme. You can buy it at Sallys Beauty supplies or walmart in the "for black peoples hair" section. My girls are mixed though but Im pretty sure it will still work. Again Im so happy for you guys!


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