Wednesday, August 17

Last Summer Trip Prt.1

 This past weekend we took a quick 4 day trip to Dallas for a little bit of school clothes shopping. The boys have been in need of some new clothes and shoes for along time now. During the summer we mostly live in swim trunks and Flip Flops.  I'm pretty sure their school wouldn't approve of their normal summer attire so we set out late Friday night for the Big D. We are crazy and thought we would be really cool and leave around 8PM so the boys would sleep most of the way. Well it worked for the most part. After three hours of pleasant driving Beckham began to cry uncontrollably. The only solution was for me to crawl back there, get him out of his seat and snuggle him for a little while. Well... Normally that would have been no big deal  but...
 when you are traveling in this....

When you are used to this....

It is very inconvenient and frustrating. It was crapped... especially with 2 car seats in the back. (my car is in the shop because some really sweet and cautious people pulled out in front of my hubby while he was taking the boys the movies 3 weeks ago. Fantastic! Right?!) So I climb back there with the boys. Parker is smashed against the door, Beckham wailing and I am trying to wiggle my big ole booty between the two of them. I manage to get Beckham out only to discover he had peed in his car seat. 
It is midnight by the way and we have 2 more hours until we are there. We finally pull into a Loves. Parker managed to lean on me and fall asleep (so sweet) and Beckham is still moaning and really uncomfortable. At this moment I realize I forgot the Pull-Ups. Great!!! At this point I totally deserve 


My sweet Huzzy goes inside to hunt for some cheapy off brand diapers. To our surprise they have some!! And we all sing Hallelujah!!!  Beckhams spirits came up when I showed him the silly diapers he had to wear since mommy forgot to put Pull-Ups in his suitcase. Children are so forgiving. After strapping on the lovely diaper and sliding on his jammies we head on down the interstate. We finally arrive at our hotel at 2:30 am. Both kids wide awake at this point from having to walk for what seemed like a mile to the hotel doors. We get to the counter to discover....They DO NOT have our reservations!! WHAT!!!???? Yep. We are unloaded, all 4 of us standing there at the counter at 2:30 AM with our bags slung across our shoulders to be told they DO NOT have our reservations and they are all booked we have to go to another hotel!!! It took everything in this already frazzled momma to tell the lady to grab some pillows because we are sleeping in the lobby. I was beyond annoyed at this point. So we regroup, reload and drive some more. Luckily there was a Crown Plaza around the corner that had a room. We finally got to bed around 3-3:30AM. What a night!!! 

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