Thursday, August 18

Last Summer Trip Pt. 2

So after our crazy night of driving and hotel hoping we were finally able to get some rest. Saturday we woke up and headed to Allen to meet some family that Phillip hadn't talked to or seen since 1992ish. His cousin Katie found him after searching for him for a couple of years on Facebook. She messaged him and we arranged a weekend for us all to meet and let the kids play. It was a lot of fun to watch Phillip reconnect with a cousin he lost touch with so many years ago. Katie and her husband Rick live in Allen with their 3 kids, Justin 9, Julie 5 and sweet little 7 month old Jessica who quickly became my new BFF. We had a lot of fun hanging out with our family, swimming, bowling and watching the kids play and hearing old stories.  

Phillip with his Aunt Gayle

Phillip with his cousin Katie

The whole clan

The Kids!! So Sweet!! 

Awesome neighborhood park!!

Like my cute bowling attire?!

I totally won!! HA!!! Embarrassing! 

Me and Jess
After spending time with our "New" family we went on our way and conquered some school clothes shopping and we met up with my little sister who recently moved to Dallas to attend Steve Hills School of Ministry. It was fun to shop with my sister all day and take her to dinner at P.F. Chang's. Soooo Yummy. We also got a hoot out of watching Phillip try to teach Parker how to Ice Skate at the Galleria. It was adorable to see him out on the ice for the first time. 
Wipe Out

He's OK

Hanging on for his Life!! HA!

Jamie and I

Me and my loves... 

Needles to say... After HOURS os shopping and entertainment my boys were wiped out! We wore them out....

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