Monday, August 1

Mah-Queeeen Pardy

 Beckham's birthday celebrations concluded with his long awaited and much talked about Lightning McQueen party. Or in Beckham's language a Mah-Queen Pardy. We had a lot of fun at his low key party at the pool.

 In the past I have thrown huge parties for my kids. Which is a ton of fun but it is really stressful trying to pull it all together. For Beckham's I decided to refocus and zone in on him feeling loved and special. He got invite his best friends and we had it at our club pool again. I loved his party and the days leading up to it. I felt like all of my energy and focus was on him and how great HE is versus how great his 2 hour party was. I think he felt really special and it was great to see him so excited at his party.

Thank you to everyone who came out and endured the heat to make Beckham feel loved and special at his 3rd Birthday Party. You all rock!

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