Tuesday, August 2

Pray for Rain

This coming wednesday... as in tomorrow... August 3rd @ 7:00 PM our church along with several others in our area are uniting together on the grounds where  Rock the Desert  is held each year. 

Our community is going through one of the toughest droughts recorded. Our water reservoirs are drying up and we are being put on tight water restrictions. It is so sad what our land looks like and our water coming out of our facets smells and tastes like water you would scoop off the top of a mud pie. We have battled a number of intense wildfires due to the unbearable heat and high winds. Several families have lost their homes due to these fires with many others threatened. 

Arial View of our water Reservoirs 

Photo of our land
Photo not mine. Borrowed from Pray for Rain Video

Silence my music below to hear this message from our senior pastor.

For my followers who do not live in Midland will you join us tomorrow as we link arms and ask God to have Mercy on our land. Will you join us in prayer and ask him to bring rain to our thirsty ground. 

We have gone 300 days without any significant rain fall. We need rain, we want rain. Lord hear our prayer. You say in your word "ask and you shall receive..." Father we are asking. Humbly pleading for mercy on the Permian Basin. Lord, hear our prayer. 

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