Wednesday, September 28


This week is Apple Week at Parker's school. They are learning about all the different Apples God created, how they all are different in size, shape and color. They are learning about Johnny Apple Seed all lots of other fun things. I thought it would be fun to take an apple "treat" to his class one day. So I dug through all of my pins on Pinterest and found these cute things.

I LOVED the cute little packaged idea for a teachers gift but then thought this would be a perfect little treat for apple week. So I search for a tutorial a came across this blog by Gourmet Mom on the Go it is such a great website. There are so many neat things on there I can't wait to try. So... here is her recipe...

Krispy Apple Treats
Makes 25
6 C. Krispy Rice Cereal
1 pkg. large marshmallows
3 T. butter
1 small pkg. Jell-o powder, cherry or strawberry flavor
25 small Tootsie Roll Candies
Royal Icing, tinted green
Baking spray
Wax Paper
Red Food Coloring, optional
optional: you could use fruit roll-ups or those green mint leaf candies instead of the royal icing.

Directions:Place marshmallows and butter in large microwave-safe bowl. Microwave on high for 2 minutes. Stir and microwave for an additional minute. Remove from microwave and stir in jell-o powder. If desired, you can add a few drops of red food coloring (depending on how "red" your jell-o is). Add Krispy Rice cereal and stir well. Spray hands with baking spray and roll mixture into balls (a little larger than a golf ball) and drop on wax paper.

After balls have set for a few minutes, use your thumb to press into the top to make an "apple" shape.

Add a small tootsie roll "stem" and using royal icing (or any green candy), pipe on a "leaf". I actually would have rather used some kind of green candy but didn't have any on hand. I just used royal icing and a leaf-shaped icing tip.

Serve to your favorite kiddos! These would also be a really fun "Teacher Appreciation Day" snack!

Thank you Gourmet Mom! My son's class will love these I am sure! Here are how mine turned out. Pretty cute I think. 

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