Tuesday, September 13

Open House

Last night we went to Parker's open house at his school. He was really excited to show us his classroom and all the little projects he has been working on. I love his teachers this year. They are really great and Parker loves them which makes school exciting for him. I feel so blessed that we are able to send Parker to this school. I love the warm safe environment that is provides and I love how they allow his imagination to go wild and his creativity to flourish. I am excited for Beckham to go to PreSchool there next year so we can see all the fun things he will be doing.

This is part of Parkers Classroom.

His self portrait he drew and colored. So funny! Notice the "Darth Vadar" shirt he drew on himself!

Parker with his teachers Mrs. Ice and Mrs. Ports

I have no idea why he thought it would be cool to smile like this but he does it all the time now. 

Parker showing us where sister is. 

Excuse my belly roll below... I thought I left that at the gym today... Sheesh...


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