Saturday, December 31


I love to read. It is my retreat from the "real" world. I like to read just about anything. With the Exception of Romance Novels. Not my thing. I do like to read books that challenge me and make me uncomfortable. Books that shake me and make me think. Books that make me want to change how I am. These kind of book I like to read. I hope that my love affair with reading will rub off on my kids. I would rather curl up on the sofa with a warm cup of coffee and a blanket with my nose stuck in a book then watch television. This last year I have read some pretty amazing books and I want to share them with you. I have read a couple of these in the past but I re-read them this year. I love re-reading favorites. It seems I always get something new from it each time I read it. Here is my recommendation list:

Always Enough is an all time favorite. I re-read it all the time.

I will probably read this book 1,000xs

This is a re-read! Changed my life!

Always a re-read. LOVE this! 

I hope you will find time to read some of these wonderful books. Some of them literally changed my life. Made me rethink how I am living and have brought some hope and encouragement to my heart. Here is what I have on deck so far for my 2012 reading list:

I actually already started this and I am 80% finished. It is rocking' my world! It is exactly what I have been talking about and wanting to do for the last few months. Brilliant!

What are you reading this year? 


  1. What a good list! I've read quite a few of the and the others I am writing down to read in 2012.

  2. Wow.. thank you so much! I have a Nook color and although I can't buy all them now, I downloaded the free samples of the ones they had available and will buy them a couple at a time. I just bought "Heaven is For Real" .. Have you read that? I haven't started it yet. Also, earlier this year, I read The Shack. It's really good.

  3. I just finished Compelled by Love and it's rocked my world for sure...completely blew my mind! It's a definite must read! I started Culture of Honor by Danny Silk and am listing more...thanks for sharing your list!


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