Tuesday, December 13

Celebrating Emerson Meti Knight

I never thought this day would come. A day to celebrate my own ;). My sweet friends through us a shower to celebrate Emme. They worked hard to make the night really special and it was. The whole week leading up to the celebration was so exciting. I kept getting crazy butterflies. It felt so special to be able to celebrate the life of a ... former Orphan... she is no longer an orphan ;) and to see my friends and family love her and bless her with things that she doesn't have. And let me just say you all crazy blessed her. THANK YOU to all who came and shower or brought us a gift for her. I know she will love all of it once she figures out what it all is. I felted really loved and supported that night. Your prayers, love support and generous gifts have meant the world to Phillip and I. You guys are a huge blessing and I am so thankful for you!

I didn't have my own camera that night... I forgot it.. Can you believe it?! Ugh! My sweet friends Elaine and Wynne shared a camera and took the sweet pictures for me....

 I got some really great gifts and some really creative gifts too. Emme and I got matching TOMS. They are silver and sparkly. As you can tell by me huge cheesy smile... I was really excited about them. HA! My friend Jami... whom I swear shares my brain made me some beautiful wall plaques made from old weathered wood and hood that she painted for Emme's room. They are perfect and so fun!

My friends had a hardback book made of photos from our court trip. It was the most perfect and thoughtful present. It was full of photos from our trip. Photos of our first moments, beautiful scriptures and letters some our friends in the back. I kept crying every time we turned the pages. It will be cherished forever. 

Lastly my friend Wynne, whom I swear shares my heart made a us special video. As you can tell by the looks on our faces it was really special and beautiful. Click the link below to view the video.

It was a night I will never forget. Thank you friends for taking the time out of your Saturday night to love us and encourage us. The journey of adoption is a hard but rewarding journey. At times you feel so helpless, alone, scared, doubtful, angry, joyful and everything else that falls in between. To have a night like this was so refreshing. We left feeling really blessed and thankful. 


  1. So beautiful. What amazing friends you have.

  2. it was an amazing night! such a honor and joy to celebrate Emme with yall!!! can't wait until she's in midland! love you friend!!!!


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