Wednesday, December 7

Christmas Code?

 I won this really fun book at MOPS about 3 yrs ago. I never really paid much attention to it until this year. This year Christmas feels a little different. After being in Ethiopia last month I am having a hard time adjusting back in to my normal American life, and quite frankly, I don't think I want to adjust "back" into that normal life. Ethiopia wrecked us, as my friend Wynne would say we are "Gloriously Ruined".  This year I feel suffocated by the commercialism and consumerism of this season. We really have lost sight of what this season is all about. I was praying and asking God to help me get out of this Bah-hum-bug spirit. Even though I feel like American Christmas Craziness is not what I want my family to be about I still love this season and I want my children to love it and be full of Christmas Cheer. I mean, come on... only the most important person's (Jesus Christ) birth who walked this Earth is celebrated this season. Seriously, that is something to be rejoicing over and being cheerful about. I don't wanna be the Scroogey Mother who ruined Christmas. It is a beautiful season. With a Beautiful reason to celebrate.  I just want to find the right balance between holiday crazy and scriptural Christmas truth. In the middle of this little mind battle I have been having I remembered this little book that has been tucked away for the last 3 years. It is amazing.  

You can purchase it through Amazon. I highly recommend it. 

I have had so much fun reading this book that I thought I would take a few of the stories and share them with you here. The first one I was really intrigued by was the Christmas Code. I have never heard of a Christmas code until now. 

We know this Christmas code as.... The 12 Days of Christmas.

It is said that for nearly 300 years i was against the law in England to be a member of the Catholic Church. Catholic parents however didn't keep from teaching their children about God but they had to be creative.  As the story goes several parents got together and wrote "The 12 Days of Christmas". They used this code hidden in the form of a song. Here you go:

The Twelve Days of Christmas a Christmas Code

"My true love" - God, who gives all the gifts listed in the song
"A partdige in a pear tree" - Jesus, who have his life on a tree, the cross. 
"Two turtle doves" - Old and New Testament
"Three French hens" - Faith, Hope and Love
"Four calling birds" - The  four Gospels : Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
"Five golden rings" - First five books of the Bible known as the Pentateuch
"Six geese a laying" - Six days of Creation
"Seven swans a swimming" - Seven gifts of the Spirit found in Romans 12:6-8
"Eight maids a milking" - Eight beatitudes found in Matthew 5:3-10
"Nine ladies dancing" - Nine fruits of the Spirit found in Galatians 5:22-23
"Ten lords a leaping" - Ten Commandments
"Eleven pipers piping" - Eleven faithful disciples
"Twelve drummers drumming" - Twelve points in the apostles creed

Interesting isn't it?! Who would have thought? Or maybe you already knew this and I am just now discovering it. Ha! 


  1. yeah! you are amazing. i love that - I didn't know either until you shared with me!

  2. I want to give you some money to help get Emme home. Please let me know how I can help.

  3. Lee If you want to give money you can go to they have a link to my paypal somewhere on their site. The Give1Save1 ends today sometime between 4pm & 6pm. I am about to put a paypal donate button in the right sidebar of my page. You can go there too. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. We are eager to get Emme home. We feel so humbled and blessed and thankful for the generous hearts of those we have never met. Thank you!


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