Friday, December 16

Last Big Step and Updates

Hi guys! I wanted to give you a quick update on where we are at with our Give1Save1 donations. You guys amaze me. I have never felt so blessed. Emme is really loved and you all have shown it through your generous hearts. You guys have given above and beyond what I expected. And it's the Christmas season! We are sitting at $828.58! Can you believe that?! THANK YOU!!! I think our week on Give1Save1 ends on Sunday so there is still time to give $1 if you feel led. Just go here. (you will need a paypal account) Also there is still time to sign up for twitter and go follow Baron Batch. For every NEW follower he gets between now and Christmas Day he will give $.25 towards helping bring Emme home. Insane right?! I cannot express how thankful I have felt the last couple of days. So many of my wonderful friends and family and complete strangers have displayed the meaning of Christmas this week. Thank you.

Also another really, Really, REALLY exciting bit of news...... We were SUMITTED to the US Embassy in Addis Ababa Ethiopia!!! Yesterday!!!!!!!!! That is the last big step before bringing sweet little Emme home.

Many have asked what we do now. Well, we WAIT. We continue to wait some more. It has been 16 months of waiting with some bumps and bruises along the way but there is light at the end of this long tunnel. Now that we have been submitted we wait for someone to review our case. We are told to expect it to take a couple of weeks, many weeks or several months. But we know we serve a BIG God who can get things rolling. We are praying specifically that she is here in just a few short weeks. We are praying that we are cleared on the spot and we will be free to travel. When we are cleared to travel we will pick her up at the orphanage and she will never, NEVER go back. She will be ours forever. I cry thinking about that moment as we walk away from her life of being alone to a new life with a Mom, a Dad and brothers. A family she can call her own! When the Embassy approves us they will give us an Embassy Interview date and after that they will give us her Visa into the US.

Ways to help us:

1) Go to Give1Save1 and read what's going on
2) Go follow Baron Batch on Twitter
3) PRAY!!!! Prayer is worth far more than anything you can "do" for us. PRAY our sweet daughter home. I ache to my core for her. PRAY that she is not lonely that God is her comforter while we are away. PRAY that she is happy, healthy and safe while we continue to wait until the day we are reunited. PRAY that the Embassy will clear us quickly. Prayer is so powerful and when we are united together the heavens will shake. The Word says "For when two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them." - Matthew 18:20 


  1. SOOO excited for you guys!! Praying for super quick clearance!!

  2. pray pray praying! tears as I thought of yall leaving with emme & her having her forever family!!!! can't wait for the day! love you!


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