Tuesday, January 10

A New Year

 Oh my goodness. Is it really already 2012? What a fun year this will be. We are expecting BIG things this year. Hopefully our year will start off with us bringing our sweet girl HOME FINALLY!! Keep praying I know it is coming.

This year my big boy will be 6. SIX that seems so old. Five was hard but SIX really? Stop growing. Phillip is going to Ethiopia in June with a missions team from our church in June. I am so excited but a tiny bit jealous. Emme will for sure be home by then and I think this year it will be too soon to leave her for 10 days to go to Africa. It's ok. I know I will get to go soon. Phillip is also going on a fishing trip to Alaska over July 4th week. How stinking fun is that? He will be going with his dad. It will be good bonding. I will have to come up with something super spectacular for the kids and I to do. We are also trying to figure out a super fun family vacation for the FIVE (I can't believe we are a family of 5 now) of us to go on to celebrate sister coming home. Im thinking something beachy. Hmmm.... Beckham will be 4. Where have the last 3 years gone? And Emme....well we still aren't sure if we will be celebrating her 4th or 5th birthday. We will have a little bone scan tell us ;) We have a trip to Oklahoma this spring for a special wedding and probably a few other little trips. It is going to be a great year filled with many many fun memories. I can't wait to live out this next year and make memories with my ever growing family.

On another note... We got to ring in the New Year with some pretty amazing friends. We were invited to a dance/party at a local country club. So we joined 3 other couples and boogied the night away. Yes I am nerdy and I say boogie. We had a blast. I love living life with these people. They bring so much joy to my heart.

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