Sunday, January 29

Pick Up Trip:Day 3

 Our Embassy Day!! Finally. After this is it official official. Praise Jesus. We got up early, had breakfast and headed out to finalize everything. I woke up emotional knowing that after this morning, no one but the Lord can take her from me. She is my own. Just the same as my flesh and blood. It was a good feeling. We couldn't take any pictures at the Embassy because of security reason. Boo! But those images of that day will forever be engraved in my heart. While at the embassy, which was a 20 minutes process, they confirmed the reasons her mother was choosing to relinquish her. We learned her mother makes on $0.45 A DAY which is roughly $13.50 A MONTH!! She simply is too poor to care for all 6 of them. I left feeling a mix of emotions. Joyful that we have our daughter and really sad that a mother lost hers because she is simply to poor to care for her. This is not ok. There has to be a way to prevent things like this from happening. I pray everyday that God will use me and show me a way to help and a way to lift the load and burden. Emme mom is a widow. Emme's dad died when she was an infant. James 1:27 calls us to care for BOTH the WIDOW and the ORPHAN. I am praying that one day, hopefully soon, we will get to go back to Ethiopia and travel to Kamashi. My God, please make a way.

After the Embassy we went and had a yummy lunch and just hung out. Emme was still hot and cold with Phillip and it was starting to become and issue. After lunch I laid her down for a nap and during nap I cried out to God. I reminded him that Emme is now ours. She is just the same as our flesh and blood. I plead for her soul just as I do the boys. I asked Him to cover her with His grace, for the Holy Spirit to consume her and to take residence in her little heart. I begged for thoughts of love and kindness to fill her mind. For thoughts of affection to come to her mind. I prayed that she would on her own think to touch us, to hug us and to kiss us. I prayed for walls to be torn down and for healing to transpire. I prayed and I prayed and I prayed for God to see her and to wrap himself around her. She continued to sleep and she slept good.

After nap a new child arose. She had a glow. She was happy. We played out side for hours. It was amazing to listen to her laughter and see joy on her face. God not only saw her and not only saw me sitting on the edge of her bed crying out to Him but He heard and He listened and He answered. God is good. He is more than good He is GREAT

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