Sunday, January 29

Pick Up Trip:Day 4

 She has come ALIVE. Today was the beginning of our best days. She woke up feeling playful. She was different. It's like something clicked and she knew she was ours and we were hers and she was happy. This day was the beginning of her and Phillip's friendship. They were best friends all day! An answer to many many prayers. After eating some YUMMY French Toast and Oatmeal at Kaldi's, we spent most of the morning out side playing. It was constant giggling and constant playing. Phillip was pretty worn out. HA! He swears she is more active then the boys. I remind him that it is simply that she has never had any one person pay this much attention to her and only her. She was soaking it up and loving every minute of it!

 After eating lunch we headed to a Park. It was an awesome park. I wish we had one just like this at home. It was beautifully landscaped, the equipment was super fun, it was shady. It would be a great place to come to sit and read if you didn't have kids. It was really great. We had so much fun watching her experience this. She ran from one thing to the next. It was like taking the boys to a carnival. The weather in Addis is perfect so we stayed there for a few hours.

Here are some fun videos of her playing with Phillip. I loved watching them play and be buddies. If you have heard any of the stories from our court trip you know what a miracle this is. I love watching God answer so many of our prayers through her.

*Turn off my music below so you can hear her sweet little voice!*

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