Tuesday, January 10

She's Coming Home

 WE HAVE BEEN CLEARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cannot even BELIEVE it!!!! 

We get to bring our little lady home. The news couldn't not have come at a more random moment. Let me tell ya....  

Wednesday I woke feeling just a little strange. Not sick, just strange. The kids went to school, I ran my normal errands, we had a little friend over for a playdate, then right around 3:00 I got this crazy dizzy headache. It was so miserable driving to get Parker from school and coming home it turned into one of those headaches where you HAVE to lay down or else you will puke. Well we got home I put on a movie for the kids and told them I need to rest. I woke up at 6. THANK GOODNESS daddy came home. I stayed in bed all night. Sometime around midnight I started throwing up. I know TMI but it was traumatic. I couldn't stop. Thursday, same headache, nauseous, throwing up PLUS a crazy sore throat. Thursday I felt like death. I could not get out of the bathroom floor. My throat was being invaded with swords and I was nauseous beyond belief. (I am not even being dramatic) On top of all of this, Phillip was summoned to jury duty this same week and was CHOSEN to serve. So he was in court most of the day and my kids were home because they had Impetigo. My sweet friend Lana came by that night to cheer me up a bit. She brought a sweet little bag full of lemons, honey, green tea, tissue and a recipe books for soups and a pack of gatorade along with some pretty flowers to stare at while I just lay there. I love how God sends friends to bring you some light and a smile during hard times and sickness.

 On Friday my mom helped with the kids so that I could drag my poor sick self to the doctor. Sure enough I had the virus that has been going around on top of a severe case of strep throat. Lovely. She prescribed me some meds and sent me on home. I spent most of Friday back in the bathroom floor praying for my throat to open up. For those of you who have never had strep throat I pray you never do. It is rough. Friday night before Parker went to bed he came over to me and prayed a sweet sincere prayer that God would open my throat and that in Jesus name I would be healed and He would take all the pain away. I cried as he prayed. Parker has the most beautiful heartfelt prayers. When he lifted his sweet chubby little hand from my neck I literally felt my throat open. I am not even joking. Its like God, with his healing hands, physically opened my throat. Not only did my throat open but I was able to sit up and eat some grits. It was the first thing I had eaten since wednesday at breakfast. The prayers of a child who really has faith (like my sweet Parker) are so powerful. I was really healed. That night while sitting on the sofa Phillip checked his email and there is was. He looked up at me with big doughy eyes and said "Guess what email I just got?" Clueless I said "Pictures of Emme?!" It was the email we have been waiting for. Our agency director emailed us to tell us the Embassy had set up a birthparent interview for Monday January 9th and if all went well we would be cleared to pick up our little girl. I was immediately over come with emotions. All I could do was close my eyes and just cry. Funny how God comes through on his promises when you feel so beaten down. God is so good. I am crying as I retype how it all happened. Monday came and we got the official news. We have been cleared and we leave this Sunday morning. We will pick Emme up at the transition house were she has been living for almost a year and we WONT LOOK BACK. She is coming home to her family. Our Embassy appointment it set for January 19th. We will arrive in Midland on Sunday January 22nd. I am beyond excited and overwhelmed with emotions. I just cannot believe this is finally happening. THANK you to everyone who has prayed to get us here. We are here. You prayers have been heard. THANK you for your faith. It is inspiring. Now I am running around making lists of everything you can make lists of...babysitter, bags to be packed, what to pack in those bags that need to be packed, what to do while we are there, what the boys need to do while we are gone, lists of the lists I need to make. I am crazy and this week is crazy but I am so joyful and excited and thankful to be in the stage of crazy. It is the BEST Crazy I have been in a while. 



  1. Sometimes Satan attacks when good things are coming; he was trying to break you guys down. I'm so glad Emme is coming home!

  2. WOW! I have been reading your blogs for a while and been looking at your pictures when you post them. I am so excited for you and Phillip! This is absolutely a blessing in my life to hear stories like this and how God can show through little things and big! I will be praying as yall start this new journey with the most adorable little girl! She will be loved in your family!!! HOW EXCITING!

  3. Yay, yay, yay, yay, yay! I am so excited for you guys!! Emme looks so precious from the photographs you have posted I am sure it is going to be wonderful to finally have her at home with you. I'll be praying for safe travels and for a good transition for Emme and you little boys.

  4. What a King's kid Parker is! That's awesome! Glad you are feeling better. So excited for ya'll that your Emme is coming home!!!!! We will continue to lift ya'll up!

  5. "met" your family though Give1Save1. I bookmarked your blog because I LOVE your heart! I am rejoicing with you over bringing Emme home! Praise Jesus! And I cried big crocodile tears over Parkers faith full prayer! Precious!


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