Friday, February 10

Well Check

 Emme had her first well check, since being in America, on Wednesday. We ended up waiting in the waiting room for over and hour. While we were waiting she made friends with another little girl her size that was also waiting with her mom. The two of them showed us their ballerina moves and played a little game of chase. I am sure we were a little rowdy but what do you expect after waiting for over an hour in the same little room.

Once we were finally called back, Emme did great. I was a little nervous on how she would respond to all of the nurses messing with her. She loved the attention. She acted a little nervous when they took her blood pressure but she just sat there staring at the machine. 

I didn't get any more pictures of her first visit. I was too busy trying to help the nurses figure out some milestone things Emme has reached even though we have only really known her for 3 weeks. They told me that Emme is in the low 5th% on height and weight for a 4 yr old. The Dr. believes she really is 4 based on these measurements. I asked if we could do the bone growth scan but they said it wouldn't really help up since she is so tiny and it could be off as much as 6 months anyway. So we are leaving her as 4 for now. I am fine with her being 4. ;) We also tried to coax Emme into going potty so that we could get a stool sample to figure out the whole parasite issue. We had no luck so they sent me home with the kit! LOVELY! I won't go into detail on how that was. All I will say is I will never forget it and it has got to be the grossest thing I have ever done. Emme left the Dr.'s office that day after receiving 6... yes SIX shots. Poor girl. When she started crying, I started crying. It was the saddest cry ever. But she perked up after I hugged her and rewarded her bravery with a sucker. ;) We should have parasite information on Monday or Tuesday next week. We also have to do some blood work one of those days. I think I may drag daddy along for that one. Other then that they said she looks perfect and healthy! 

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