Friday, March 9


Have you ever found a pin on Pinterest that is just... well... Genius?! Today I was browsing through tons of really inspiring and fun pics when I saw this....
How smart is this? Emme has had a hard time adjusting to our crazy climate here where we live. She has been to the Dr. for 5 sick visits in the short 6 weeks she's been home. We have had a sinus infection (or two), Croup and Strep Throat. Not including the times we have gone in for stool samples (they just told me yesterday we need to do more), for lice treatment, for ringworms (she had 6 ringworms on her scalp) and our up coming blood work appointment. She just can't catch a break. Well I saw this idea and about died. I mean why haven't I thought of this? Emme has to be on meds twice a day for 30days for her ringworms and had to be on meds twice a day for 10 days for each... her strep, sinus infection and croup. I wish I had seen this when we were treating the above illnesses. But, I am for sure doing this on her bottles of ringworm meds. How is anyone supposed to keep track of twice a day meds for 30 days? Well I can now! 

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