Tuesday, March 13

It's A Hairy Topic

 I have been asked several times lately what I do with Emme's hair to make the curls look so nice and frizz free. Her hair hasn't always been that way (nor is it always that way). When we first got her it was so matted that you could hardly separate the hair to see her scalp. I have often described it as a well groomed brillo pad
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This would be why we never noticed she had lice...and ring worms. Poor sugar! Any how... I have spent quite a bit of time researching how to take care of her hair. A good friend of mine introduced me to Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care. It has been so helpful. These women know their stuff. Before we ever met Emme I read a couple of books on hair and how to revive it and keep it clean and healthy. I never knew that there were so many different hair types. 
Once I knew this I became aware of what Emmes hair needed. She has type 3B or type 3C maybe 4A. (I don't really know. I just pretend I do...shhh!) Some of her hair is definitely 4A, like right around her hair line on her forehead and her neck line. The middle back of her hair is definitely 3B or 3C.  Knowing that her hair needs lots of moisture to protect it from breakage I did a little research on what the best products are as well as styles or things to do to protect it. Here are my favorite products. 

I use the Knot Today everyday to detangle. I love it. I use the Curling Custard only when we go out (church, lunch with friends, dinner out, shopping etc.) They are amazing for her curls. The Custard makes her hair shiny and holds the curls really tight. Here is what I am currently shampooing with...
I use the recommended conditioner it says to use on the back label. We are almost out of this and I plan on  trying out Aussie on her hair. I have read really great things about it. I also do a weekly deep condition with this...
After shampooing I rub this in her hair and let it soak for 15-20 minutes while she plays with all of her toys in the tub. Also while this is soaking into her hair I detangle with a really wide toothed comb. This whole process is tear free. (not the products themselves just the combing part) I love the way all of her hair stuff smells. Even the Kinky Curly products. It is amazing. Another thing that I do that I have found that is a HUGE helps with the matting and frizzing is making her sleep in a silk sleep cap. Not only does this help her hair tremendously... She look adorable in it. (I will have to update with a picture of her in it) This is the cap she sleeps in at night and at nap...
She also has a pretty silk pillow case from the same website that she sleeps on. I hope this helps some of you fellow adoptive mommas. I have learned most of what I do with her hair from the Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care website as well as talking to other moms. Every child's hair is different so what works for us may not work for you. But I would like to suggest trying some of these things above they work really great for us.  One last thing... Several people have asked where I get all of her cute headbands so I thought I would share. I LOVE etsy, Zulily and occasionally GAP, Target and Claires.

 I hope that helps. 


  1. Jessica in MichiganMarch 15, 2012 at 12:01 PM

    Thanks for the info! I was just wondering where you purchased the sleeping cap from? We've been looking for one that stays on and this looks like it would do the trick!

  2. Hi Jessica I got this one from :http://prettyanntoinets.com/category_12/Girls.htm

    It stays on if you tie it with the ears inside the cap. Emme never complains about it. She is actually excited to put it on at each sleep ;)

  3. I am so happy I came across your blog! My husband and I are adopting a bi-racial baby girl at the end of May and the thought of how to care for her hair has crossed my mind several times. I am going to have to check out the sleep cap too! The one you show is darling and I love that it ties! Thanks for the great info!


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