Saturday, March 24


 We got to celebrate Parker's 6th Birthday today!! I can't believe it!!! This year was really special and different for us. Parker requested that he have a BOY ONLY party. It's like he thinks he's getting big or something and hanging out with girls is weird...psh... whatever! HA!

So per his request we had a boy only party. With the exception of his sister... which he asked if we could find a sitter for her... and his cousins and our little friend Addy. Love her! She's too cute!! Parker got to invite 10 of his closest guy friends. He was so excited to get to celebrate with them all. Thank you all for coming and making his Birthday Party special. He even got a little treat...his buddy Wynne came with her husband Stephen. Parker has a little thing for Wynne. He is always asking her when they can have some one on one time. Its really cute. Any way....

We celebrated Parkers party with a Shark themed party. The boy is in love with Sharks. Maybe obsessed is a little more appropriate. He tells me he is going to be a Marine Biologist and he will study mainly Sharks. He probably will. I had to get a little creative for his party since its March and the pool water at out neighborhood pool is freezing. I found this really great party planning website and ordered this awesome kit. It turned out perfect. I wish I could take credit for all of the creativity but really I just copied this awesome party! Yay for copying!! Take a look at all of the fun!!


  1. Looks like your party was a HUGE success and we are so happy to see pictures! The table designer is very flattered :) You guys did an awesome job putting everything together!!! Would you mind if we did a blog post about your party on our site? We would love to show it off!

  2. Thank you for the compliment! Yes of course! Go right ahead!! Thank you for having such an awesome shark party that I could use!!

  3. love that sweet boy :) happy birthday parker! so honored I got to go to his "all boy" party!


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