Friday, March 23

Late Night Randoms

 It has been crazy busy around here. It is Birthday Party Prep week here at my house. I LOVE Birthdays and I LOVE to celebrate my kids Brithdays with big ole parties. I can't wait to share Parker's on here. Here's a clue on the theme...

I can't wait for Saturday! Also I have been kind of helping my friends Wynne and Allison with a garage sale that starts tomorrow and will run through Saturday! If you are in Midland and want some fun stuff head on over to Wynne's house (email for her address). All of the money is going to help Allison move to Rwanda!!! Jealous much?! Umm... YEAH!!! 

Also... it has been a while since I upload my videos and pictures from my phone onto my computer. I forgot what gems I had on this thing!! Check out all the fun us mommies had ay my nieces birthday party a few weekends ago! 

Friends! I love you!! Don't hate me!I am sorry I laugh at your expense!! We should really consider renting that place out for a party for ourselves! Ha! 

She didn't really crush her kids... they were fine! She looks like she was feeling free huh?!

Awe shucks... they video of me swinging from the scary rope is on Phillips phone. I guess you don't get to see the embarrassment I brought myself! HA!! 

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the last couple of weeks. I love my kids. They make me a better person. They challenge me and stretch me in new ways each day. 

Walrus!! HA!!

My Soul Sister and I ... thats right y'all... I said Soul Sister!! 

And one last little gem to leave you all with. 

Emme got her first busted lip today... She tripped over a costume or a toy gun... I'm not sure which it was but bite the wood floor. It was sick and blood was gushing. I texted Phillip this pic and said "at what point should I be concerned about the amount of blood that is coming out of this lip?" Her lips are already fluffy and totally kissable. This bottom one today has some extra fluff with a very kiss worthy booboo. Poor sugar! 

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  1. All the photos are absolutely precious. That poor little busted lip . . .

    Happy birthday to Parker!!


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