Thursday, March 8


I feel so lucky that one of my best friends is an amazing photographer.  Since she knows me and knows my family she always captures the best pictures that show our story. Wynne has been a huge part of our story. Our friendship actually began at an adoption conference in Austin back in 2010 though it wasn't until this summer that our friends actually began to blossom. She is one of those people who just understands me. She has a crazy love for Ethiopia, just like myself, she loves and speaks up for the orphans, she is the hands and feet of Jesus and is crazy missional. She has walked alongside me during some of the most trying times during the journey bringing Emme home. She watched me be excited about her referral, she watched me cry when we lost our first court date, she screamed with excitement when we got our new one. She was there when our closest friends came to pray over us at 10 PM the night before we left for Ethiopia in November and made me a special gift bag full of all my traveling needs. She even captured Emme coming home. (this post) And finally she has gotten to capture all three of my littles together at last. Here are some of the pics she took...

Aren't my babies beautiful?!!? I love these pictures and I can't wait to put a huge one on my wall!!! I encourage you to jump on over to Wynne's personal blog by clicking the image below. They are also adoption from Ethiopia and just recently committed to the sweetest baby boy you have ever seen! Follow her story her. She is inspiring and encouraging. I know you will love her! 

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