Monday, April 30

Races.Big Nasty.Cake and Healing

 Here are seven things that we have been up to lately since I am so behind on blogging. I have about 5 posts that I am working on so this will have to do until I find some time to sit and edit what I have going on... ENJOY!!

1) Phillips sister Jessica came to town for a local Mission Project that their Ethiopia Mission Team did 2 Saturdays ago. She came in Friday and spent the weekend with us and returned home Monday. It was really great having her here. I wish we were closer. Love you Jess!
Emme and I waiting at the Airport for Jessica! I knew God was telling me to get a Starbucks before heading out there. 3 kids waiting for a delayed flight will cause a momma to lock herself in the janitors closet for 5 mins while she flails and screams before returning to her children all calm and collected. Unless however... You have your Starbucks. :)

2) The saturday of the Mission Project I got to run a 1k with my kids. It was fun. Just 2/3 of a mile. half way through Emme stomped her little feet on the pavement and clenched her fists while telling me in a really sweet but very bossy voice "It hurts Mommy. I hurt!" So I ran with her on my back the rest of the way. She immediately felt heavier then 30 pounds. I also got to watch one of my dear friend (#121) run her 1st 5k with our friend Veronica, who was also running her 1st 5k (#193). I was so proud and really impressed. I cried! HA! And sweet little "J" (#27) who is 10 ran his 1st 5k in like 24 minutes! He did awesome!!
3) After the races I dropped everyone off at the local Mission Project except for Emme and headed to a Birthday party for sweet little Preslee Jill. After the party Emme and I headed back over to the local Mission Project to lend a hand. The team was working with Buckner Homes which houses single moms and their children while they are going to school. It essentially helps them get back on their feet after being in abusive or horrible situations. It was an honor to serve these women and serve alongside this awesome team! I am so excited about their upcoming trip to Ethiopia. One of the jobs the team had was to fix and clean up one of the apartments on site. A mother with her 3 children had lived there but packed up and left one day. Leaving the apartment a WRECK. Phillip said there was so much Cock Roach poop on the counter that he at first thought it was coffee grounds that had been spilt. There was also a Sick Nasty bath tub that needed to be cleaned. I didn't see it first hand but I heard enough about it to give me nightmares. Apparently there was busted old eggs in the tub, food, hair and other mysterious slime. Everyone was painting and I didn't have a job when I got there so I decided to tackle the Big Sick Nasty. It was the single most disgusting thing I have ever cleaned. And Yes! I wore gloves!! 
4) On Sunday we took Jessica to church with us then hung out with my family at my moms house for awhile. We laughed as my dad and brother-in-law tried to figure out how to fix this big broken umbrella. And continued to laugh as Jill (my sister) picked it up and said "Aint nobody gonna rain on my parade now!" It was perfect, priceless and so fitting for the conversation we were in. I am thankful for the spirit my sister has. She can easily turn a serious moment into a moment of laughter. Then we found this little critter on the patio. I hadn't seen one since I was a kid. 
5) The rest of the week we just played and swam all day. I fed my kids the most ooey gooey chocolate cake for breakfast on Wednesday, and on Thursday realized that all of my time at the pool and left me with this nauseating load of laundry. I looked at it, piled another load on top to die with the rest of the clothes. Grabbed my pool bag and walked out the door. It was just one of those weeks. (I didn't quickly regret that decision later)
6) I got a sweet surprise from a friend after a really frustrating day. She had dropped it off at my front door early that day but I never saw it. I always go in around back. She texted me that evening and told me to check my door. It was so thoughtful and so kind. I admit my Love Languae is gifts. :) We had an on going joke that night about next time she brings me a gift she will Duct Tape it to the garage door in multicolored Duct Tape so I won't miss it! 
Incase you can't tell what that is, it is a plastic wine glass with a straw and lid. HA!!
7) I went to Girls Night Out last night at my church and left a new woman. I have felt so tired lately. not physically but spiritually. I have felt so dull, dried out, and restless. Since bringing Emme home I have experienced a spiritual battle that I wasn't ready for and my soul has been to weary to fight it. Kayla (our amazing pastors wife) spoke on Titus 2. And to go along with the teaching She had tables set up and table leader (who were elders wives or older women leaders in our church) sitting at each table. You were given a colored arm band when you came in to service and that color would determine where you sat that night. The idea behind the colored wrist bands was to separate friends and to get everyone to meet new women. It was the first time that I felt alone in the same room as my friends. A couple of my friends were paired together but I was alone. God knew I needed this. I need to be stretched or I get comfortable and I don't grow. I sat down at my table and immediately it felt right. I knew God had ordained that group! These women...Bless their hearts... I was a snotting, sobbing train wreck at that table. Everything discussed has been whats bugging me lately. Things like Submission to my husband which I FAIL at DAILY and parenting your children. It all just hit home and I let it all out. It was so healing for me and freeing to be able to talk about it with people who were so emotionally connected to all the things I was feeling. I am so thankful for my church and for the hearts of our leaders. And for Kayla to step out and talk about such a touchy subject. Your obedience was definitely blessed!! 

So thats been the cray whirlwind of our life lately. We've been scattered all over the place. This week I am in full baby shower mode for a very special friend! We are finally getting to celebrate sweet Camp Elder. I cannot wait!!

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