Monday, July 2


Do you ever have one of "those" weeks days where you are so busy at home that you forget everything you NEEDED to get done outside of the home like...let's see... drop things off at the post office or UPS Store or FedEx store... return something to a flooring center that you borrowed WEEKS ago.... Buy that special someone a graduation present (it's July and they graduated in May...yeah don't judge!)... Take you sweet husbands dry cleaning or your own for that matter... deliver Secret Sister gifts that have been sitting in your entry way for about 5 weeks? (shhh that may or not be me...I'm just saying') What about those days when all of your kids are sick and you have been at the Doctor for 5 hours (over half of that time wrestling with them in the waiting room) and you finally get home and get them all to bed for some much needed rest and you realize that you STILL have to get them all out and in the car while HOPING no one PUKES just to go get the meds?! Or what about those days when you have been stuck at the office from 8am - 8pm with no time left to get personal stuff done or delivered (or even important work documents delivered, mailed or faxed) ... or you are swamped with back-to-back appointments and your wife is stuck at home with puking kids and there are meds that need to be picked up and there are groceries that need to be bought. Or maybe you are in your Golden Years and you need some help running those errands like groceries, mail, dry cleaning, picking up meds or faxing things.

Whatever your situation is you know that you have had one of "THOSE" days. I have! My husband has! We ALL have! 

I may have the most perfect solution for you!! Let me introduce you to my sweet friend Katie.
Katie has one of the brightest personalities. She shines and splashes JOY everywhere she goes. She is fun. Genuine. Kind. Encouraging. And Perky. Phillip and Katie knew each other in High School and since college we have reconnected and her husband is now one of Phillips very best friends.  This couple share the heart of Jesus. They love people and they are always ready and willing to serve wherever the need may be. We love this couple! I know you will too! 

Katie and her Husband Charlie moved to Midland after getting married and graduating from McMurry University in 2008 (? is that right.. HA!) Anyway. After living here for a few years and working as a teacher and multimedia/marketing rep for a local church, Katie, noticed a need in her church and community. Many of her friends are busy moms, who either stay-at-home or work outside of the home and who simply do not have time to get all of their "extra" errands done. Or are struggling to get it all done. She also began to noticed that there are several businessmen and women who struggle with the same things.  Wether it be gift shopping, mailing, picking up and dropping of things or even grocery shopping. She also began to think about the need the elderly have. Like help with going to the grocery store and picking up their prescriptions.  She began to pray and think of a way to serve people in her community by giving them a little "extra" time. Thus Perk. was born. 
For only $40/hour during the 9am - 6pm time frame or $55/ hour before 9am or after 6pm you can get any of these services....
  • Gift Delivery
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Packing/Shipping
  • Pick-Up/Drop-off (Animal groomers, jewelry repair what ever the need)
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Gift Shopping
  • Pick-Up Drop off Prescriptions
  • Vehicle Maintenance
And soooo much more!!!!! I encourage you to visit her website and buy you some hours!! You will love this service and you will LOVE Katie!!!! 

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