Thursday, July 5

Sleep.Over+July. 4th.

Emme had her first sleep over Tuesday night. She was so excited to have her friends come sleep at HER house! Lomi and Eva, her little friends, are also from Kamahi Ethiopia. Its so special that these three will get to grow up together and share that special bond of being from the same village. We eat dinner over at Lomi and Evas house then headed home for all the GIRLY festivities to begin. We played dress up, they took a long warm bubble bath and they showed me how they can be mermaids, then we painted our nails and toes for the 4th of July and finished our evening up by watch a Ballerina movie before we all crashed. It was a lot of fun. And a very different pace from the raging light saber wars and wrestling matches that have gone on during previous sleepovers:) 
 The next morning we got up and the girls continued to play "House" and Princess! While they played, I worked on some Pinterest projects for the days celebration. See below. My cakes-in-a-jar didn't turn out so cute but they were YUMMY!!!  My kids ate the rest for breakfast today! HA!!
 That night we went out to my mom's for a burger cookout and some fireworks. The 4th is always so much fun with the kids. They LOVE the fireworks. I was a little nervous about Emme since this is her first year around them but, she LOVED them! And what July 4th is complete without yummy homemade ice-cream?!! My favorite!!
I hope your 4th was as memorable as ours! Full of FUN, FOOD, FELLOWSHIP and GREAT MEMORIES!! 

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  1. This looks like so much fun! Right from the sleepover to your celebrations. I think I've decided I want to be in the US next year for July 4th -it looks like so much fun!


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