Friday, August 17

african church service. bringin love to the mountain.

I cannot tell you how excited I was to go to church in Ethiopia a couple Sunday's ago! I knew my friend Wynne would be there and that she was loving this church. (We will be back to this church next time we are in Addis.) Beza International Church is a good sized church that has both an Amharic service and an English service. Driving there in the rain. Walking through the muddy parking lot. Walking in and smelling all the unfamiliar smells. Watching all the beautiful people greet each other with sincere love and enthusiasm. And seeing all their excitement to be there made it even more exciting to be there myself.
Headed to Church in the RAIN
 Beza is where all of my missionary friends attend church. Each week my friend Kari and her husband Roger load up a big van full of boys from Kore and bring them in to attend church with them as a family. Looking over to my left and seeing this precious family and my friends with these boys was such a delight.
Sumer Yates, Me, Wynney Baby and Mama Kiki (Kari Gibson)
Was this real? Worshipping in Ethiopia together??

The worship at this church was so fun! I was a little nervous that I wouldn't know the songs that they sang but I did! We probably worshipped for a good hour...maybe and hour and a half! The power even went out and we just kept on goin!! There was a lot of hand clappin. Hand raisin. Body swayin. So much fun!! There was even this little saying thing that they all repeated. I can't even remember what all we said or what verse we said out loud but I was sooooo moved. It was hard for me to choke out the words through my tears. It was powerful to hear so many people passionately LOVE the Lord and be so EXCITED to worship him. Without any reservation or care what other people thought! These people PROCLAIM his glory!!!

The Pastor brought a good message! And I mean GOOD. He started his sermon titled "The Other Side." with John 21:2-6.  If you aren't familiar with this passage, it is the passage about Simon Peter, Thomas, Nathaniel, the sons of Zebedee and two other disciples who were out fishing with no luck. When dawn came Jesus was standing on the beach (they didn't know it was Jesus). Jesus asked if they had caught any fish that night and they replied with a no. Jesus said to them "Throw your net on the right side of the boat and you will find some." When they did, they were unable to haul the net in because of the large number of fish." There were so many great points in his message. I know that God needed me to hear that message. Here are some points from my notes:

  • There's another side. Another side of our lives we have yet to experience. He has placed eternity in our hearts. 
  • God is inexhaustible.
  • Before there was a sun to explain light, Gods word WAS the light in the darkness. God doesn't need something to explain ANYTHING. 
  • His word is my day. His word is my season.
  • Each day in the beginning began with "and God said.." it was God's word that brought the day and dismissed the darkness.
  • His word is a sign that my darkness is fading.
  • The darkest part of the night comes just before the day break. 
  • It seems the darkest because it is one season giving into the next. 
  • Peter cast his net to the other side without question. He heard it & had faith. Faith is not a casual stance. Its a fight. A stance not willing to give up!
  • Have the faith that says "I refuse to QUIT!"
  • Sometimes before you experience the blessing, you experience the trouble! Many times the enemy recognizes the potential in your life before you do!
  • God's word penetrated the ground. The Sky. The water. Then he penetrated man with his blessing. If that is the result that came from the dirt, what is it that is going to come out of MY life?!
  • Sometimes when you experience an attack its the confirmation you needed that what God promised is TRUE!
  • Having done everything to stand, KEEP STANDING!! 
  • Troubles not after YOU! Its after Gods word! Its after his Promise!!
I think about this message often and how it fits my season and what'g going on in my heart so perfectly. I love how God can speak to you anywhere! 

After Church we went to the yummy Cup Cake Delight! I had a delicious Cappuccino and Chicken Fajitas! They were yummy!!!

After Cup Cake, we headed to the guest house to put together some blessing bags to take to Entoto Mountain! There are so many kids who live up on the mountain that are unreached. Many of them didnt know Jesus and didnt know that he died to save them from sin and that he came to send his spirit to live in their hearts. It was amazing to get to bless these precious littles with T-shirts, tooth paste, a tooth brush, crayons and notebooks! And to bring them Jesus! They light up at the sight of their simple gifts!! Thank you Holly B for donating all these things!! The kids LOVED them!!!

We spent many hours up on the mountain playing with a whip. Playing an Ethiopia version of duck-duck-goose. Little Hand clapping games and soccer! They LOVED soccer!! At first we had only about 1-12 kids we were playing with by dark fall there were at least 100! It was such a BLESSED night!! I miss all those sweet little faces!!
Up next Korah (Or Kore) Day 1!!!

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