Thursday, August 30

Our Little Guy. Korah. A Party.

On Monday morning before we headed to Korah, a few of us walked the streets around our guest house to give out some more blessing bags. There are so many street kids that live in this area. They know the "Fringe" or "Foreigners" stay around here so they hang out near our guest house and ask daily to shine our shoes or if we will buy their gum or tissues. Our leader felt really drawn to this one little guy who wore these purple windbreaker type shorts with the back nearly completely blown out. Our leader and I and a couple others walked to the Friendship Mall just down the street to get this kid some new clothes. We wanted to be discrete about it so that the other boys wouldn't gang up on him or try to steal his clothes from him when we handed them to him so, we lead him to the gate of our guest house and welcomed him in. He was BESIDE himself!!! He could NOT stop giggling!!! I took him upstairs to change his clothes and to bathe him. I figured why not?! I mean we are here in a house that has running hot water and soap...why not let him clean up before he puts his new clothes on?! It was so funny trying to communicate with him what we were doing.
There was ALOT of charades and ALOT of sign language and laughing going on in that tiny bathroom!! He got so excited when I turned on the water and showed him the soap. All he kept saying was "YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!" and he would just die laughing!!! This moment blessed my heart!!!!
I helped bathe him, lotioned him all up, slipped his new clothes on him, and brushed his teeth. I wondered while I was doing all of this when the last time he had a mother care for him in that way or if he ever had. He couldn't have been older then 8-10 yrs old. I had a Polaroid camera with me so we had my sister take his picture with Chris and I for him to keep so he could remember his fun morning with us crazy Fringe! Every day when we would see him that week he would run up to us, give us a big hug and show us his clothes and just laugh!!! His laugh is contagious!! I will never forget him and all his cuteness!! I pray for his sweet self all the time! I pray that God will show himself to this little guy and that he will fall so in love with the Lord.

Photos courtesy of my friend Amanda;)

Then it was time to load up and head to Korah.

Korah...Or as they say there...Kore...was amazing to say the least.
I thought my heart was going to explode as we made our way down those bumpy, muddy "roads". As soon as we pulled up and unloaded from the van we were greeted by wonderful smiling faces from the local children! When they see a van coming, they come running. Usually with hands in your face asking for "yummy candy!" HA!

I couldn't hardly believe that I was actually really there.
In Korah.
The place that has stolen the hearts of so many.
Including my own. 
Korah is the home of some of the most lovely people I have ever met. It is the home of my daughter I adopted into my heart last year.
Remember these posts last year I wrote about my Birthday? Here and Here....
Last year when God stirred my heart to give up something that seemed so important to me (which is so silly looking back!!HA!) to give something to someone in return didn't seem like THAT big of a deal. I mean... it WAS a sacrifice for me because I selfishly LOVE my birthday but I didn't realize the gravity of sponsoring a child in Korah. I didn't really "get" just how  much you are changing their lives and how much they become part of your family and you theirs.
After a year of sending letters back and forth...
I knew that I was going to meet Aster that day! My friend Wynne had been in Ethiopia for a few weeks and was going to Korah everyday and she had told Aster I was coming so we were both anticipating each other!! When the van stopped in Korah and I stepped out of the van I searched the crowd trying to find my sweet girl! I turned to walk down the muddy street when I heard the voice of Wynne call my name and heard her say "Aster!! She's here!" And out she came from behind a metal Korah Blue fence!! She ran up to me and hugged me so tight! It was emotional and such a blessing! (Wynne recorded it all on her phone! I cant wait to get it from her!!)
We walked around the streets of Korah the rest of the day holding hands and chatting as much as we could. She speaks very broken english! It was surreal having her there holding my hand as she guided me through the streets making sure I was comfortable and not stepping in Mud or Poo Puddles. I love Aster with all of my heart and I am so thrilled that I got to spend a week with her in her home! I got to see her life! Here some of her stories and just be with her!
The frist day in Korah, wasn't really full of ministry, it was more of a tour day. A day to get a feel for what we would be doing and a feel for where we were at.  We heard some of the history of the community. And we got to hear about how the ministry started and what their vision is.
We visited the sweet Elder's that Hope for Korah sponsors and we got to see their new home. It was amazing to see them and hug them and hear them singing praises and to see their smiling faces at the sight of new visitors.
We also got to see the Leporsy Hospital. The original construction that began what is now Korah. Though there wasn't much "ministry time" there, it was still a blessed and amazing time.

Later that night, back at the guest house, they treated us to a BBQ. Trust me, its not the kind of BBQ we are used to here in the States. It is a BBQ Ethiopia Style!! It is so FUN!! These people know how to throw a great party!!
They made us fresh Lamb Tibs, Injera, Salad and Spaghetti. Along with a wonderful coffee ceremony. It was amazing, yummy and sooo FUN! It was like a big party!!! We got to celebrate until it was dark with everyone who runs the guest house and all of our drivers. It was such a FUN night!!!!
Again...Pictures courtesy of Amanda!! :)

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