Wednesday, October 17

A Gift that Gives.

It's that time of year again! Stores are getting all of their Christmas stuff out and up. Which is weird because we haven't even made it to Halloween. I think Hobby Lobby had their ornaments out in July. Crazies.
Christmas Ads are coming in the mail. Stores are advertising their special products this year.
I even saw someone post on Facebook that they were tempted to listen to Christmas Music!
You simply cannot listen to Christmas music in October. You just can't.
As much as I LOVE Christmas Music you just can't!

However now is the time to start thinking about the gifts you will buy for all of your loved ones.
If you are like me, you like a well thought out gift so... you plan early. Last year I posted a post I titled Fair Trade Christmas.
I thought I would add to that post again.
I LOVE a gift that gives back.
I LOVE giving them AND receiving them.
Here are some of my favorite companies/charitys that give back.

TOMS. Who doesn't LOVE TOMS. I LOVE TOMS. I wear them 98% of the time. I wear them with gym shorts and a t-shirt. I wear them with jeans. I wear them with dresses. My kids even wear them 98% of the time. We LOVE TOMS. They are comfy. Cute. Stylish. Sometimes stinky. And...They give back to children who don't have access to shoes. So you BUY a pair. They GIVE a pair. Here is what I have my eye on from TOMS.

Go here to see all their awesome styles. 

Noonday Collection. I LOVE Noonday. And my bestie sells it! They have the funnest variety of jewelry from Artisans all over the world. Here are some things I am swooning over. 
Go HERE to see their full collection. You will love it all! 

For you Tshirt lovin' people like myself, there are TONS of adoption fundraisers going on that have adorable Tshirts. Also there are alot of Non-Profits selling fun apparel to help support children in need. Here are some of my FAVORITE shirts. 
Krochet Kids International has a TON of really FUN and unique product that help change lives. You should check out their website here! 

For other FUN find that help change lives visit these site below. These are some of my personal FAVORITES!!!! 
MudLove. Giving water to children in Africa for a year with the purchase of one $5 bracelet. I have tons of these! 
Warby Parker. You buy a pair of glasses for only $95 and they give one back! I LOVE LOVE these!!! 
Faucet Face. Who doesn't find it more fun to drink water from a fancy bottle? These glass bottles keep me drinking water. They are fun and glass so it makes the water seem special! HA!

FEED. I LOVE Feed-Project! They have some really great products also! Here is my wish-list from their site. 

I will be posting many more ideas on my Pinterest here! Keeping checking back for more ideas and fun products that give back! Let's change the world with one purchase at a time! 
Click Image to view my pins!! XOXO


  1. Jenna, awesome post! I love all of these :-) will definitely have to check these sites out for christmas ideas.

  2. Love this! Thanks for posting. Several I knew about, but others (that I actually own) I didn't--Faucetface, specifically. Thanks!


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