Tuesday, October 9

Chicken Boy.

 Do you ever tell you kids weird things just to see what their reaction may be?
I, along with my younger sister Jill used to do this with our little sister Jamie.
We told her for years that she did not grow in our mom's belly like us. You see, she was sprouted from a pistachio.
And she believed us.
For a LONG time.
Cruel? Maybe.
Hilarious? Absolutely.

We told her other things but I cant seem to remember any of them. I am sure she remembers.
Well this little game. Or whatever you want to call it. Has carried over into my parenting. And in Phillips.
Not long ago I picked Beckham up from school and he FULLY 100% believed that he was hatched from a chickens egg.
I went with it.
And I added to the story.
I told him I had to sit on that egg for a LONG time. But when he finally hatched it was worth all that sitting.
He believed me.

Well... The other day...

Parker came into the office where Phillip and I were hanging out to show us some artsy stuff he had been working on.
While he was talking Phillip leans over and plucks a feather off of the collar of his shirt.
It was close to his neck.
I continue talking to Parker while I watch an idea birth all over Phillip face.
He leans in and "Plucks" the feather off of Parker's neck. (The plucking consisted of a slight pinch.)
Parker winced and says surprised, "Ouch! What was that for?!"
Phillip calmly says "I plucked a feather from you neck.  Oh no! It's happening..."
Parker, looking concerned and curious, sheepishly says "What's happening?"
Phillip says, "Some kids have this condition where when they reach a certain age they begin to grow feathers. It starts in the neck then works its way down. They don't get them on their faces. Just on their neck, down there arms, torso and legs. Soon you may find yourself clucking when you get frustrated or really excited."
Parker's little face drops and he replies doubtfully "Dad, that's not real."
Phillip, holding back laughter "Oh, Yes it is real. It's very real."
Parker grins and looks at Phillip like he's psycho and moves on.
Later that evening the conversation comes back up about Parker becoming a Chicken.
Phillip tells him "You will find your self sprouting chicken claws out of your feet after your feathers come in. But when your feathers come in we can always take you to the Dr. and have you professionally plucked. (referring to a grooming.)"
"Does it hurt?" asked Parker. Who is now sounding genuinely concerned.
 "No, not really. It feels like it did earlier when I pulled that feather out of your next. They have special chicken plucking tweezers at the Dr.s office." says Phillip.
I am sitting in the passenger seat of the car trying my best to not DIE laughing at this ridiculous conversation. And Parker is believing this!
We get home and start serving up the pizza we had just picked up.
I look up and Parker is just staring at his piece. We can tell he is really pondering this whole "chicken boy" idea. Phillip asks him what's wrong.
Parker fights back tears and responds.
"I dont want to be a chicken. I don't want to grow feathers. I have allergies. My allergies will be all flared up. And Chickens can't ride bikes. And Chickens... They get EATEN by CATS!!!"

At this point I cannot contain my laughter. I think it was so funny to me because he was actually taking us serious and he was processing all the things that he loves but would have to give up in order to become a chicken boy. He was heartbroken of the thought of possibly getting eaten by a cat!

Phillip laughed and went over to hug him and console him and to reassure him that he in-fact was NOT turning into a clucking chicken nor was he growing feathers. He simply had a feather stuck on his pajama shirt which came from one of my pillows. Parker then laughed and realized it was only a joke. Then we joked about the funny things about being a chicken boy.

Maybe this is poor parenting. Maybe it isn't. All I know is that it is funny. And soon Parker will catch on to our little jokes and will be playing along too. He is a clever, clever boy. But for some reason. This Chicken story was really believable.

Just thought I'd give you a little insight on our fabulous parenting and sense of humor.

Real life picture of my sister weird feather footed chicken. Which doesn't really have anything to do with the story at all. Just thought it was weird. ;)

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