Wednesday, October 31

Controversial Mission. Halloween.

Halloween is SUCH a controversial topic these days. I am finding that so many people are either passionately FOR it or passionately AGAINST it. It creates awkwardness. I hate awkwardness. If you dig into the roots of why most Christians choose not to participate/celebrate this Holiday, you will clearly see why. (We participate, however we Do Not celebrate)

Honestly I never dug deep into the topic or into the origination of the holiday until about 3 or 4 years ago when I met people who had chose to not celebrate this day. Or even acknowledge it. And it did make me feel awkward and a bit concerned.

I never knew that the roots of Halloween are based on Baal worship, demon sacrifices and ritualistic cannibalism. That's just to name a few. Clearly the roots of Halloween have nothing to do with Christianity. Rather, its a night to celebrate ancient Babylonian practices. Really. It's true. We just don't know that.

I found this really great post about a Christian or Biblical point of view of Halloween. It uncovers the roots of this Western Holiday. I encourage you to read it. It is lengthy but very interesting. I feel some points are tough. Rigid and strong. But truthful. And we NEED to be Educated on the things we involve our families in.

You can find this article here.... Read it!

I know this is a sensitive subject to many. And my purpose here is not to sway anyones opinion or to say that what my family does on this night is right and your families way is wrong. This is many, many peoples LEAST favorite night of the year. It is NOT my least favorite. I kind of enjoy it. I really enjoy seeing kids in our neighborhood, whom I NEVER see otherwise. I like seeing adorable costumes. I like giving sweet little ones a sweet treat (or free cavity... which ever). But more than that I love to have the opportunity to teach MY children some truth.

Parker came home last week from school saying that a friend had told him that if he trick-or-treats on Halloween then a satan worshipper. Clearly that is not truth. We are not satanists. We LOVE the Lord and because we ring a few doorbells and acquire a bucket full of candy and pass out treats to our neighbors doesn't mean we worship Satan or that we are handing our children over to him. We know that Satan is real. Very real. Our children know that. His schemes are clever and he is out to steal, kill and to destroy. That is why we choose to participate in Halloween. To a certain degree.

We dress-up. In sweet fairy dresses and awesome Super Hero attire. We ring a few doorbells. Then we pass out our treats. We decided we are called to be in this world. Not of this world. We feel it is a GREAT opportunity to share Jesus with our neighborhood. Instead of shutting all off our lights off and hiding from the world, or even running to the nearest church held "safe" event. We stay home, turn all of our lights on, have family over, pig out on Pizza, ring a few doorbells and then come home smile brightly and pass out our Scripture bearing candies. This is the ONE night of the year that our neighbors will willingly come up to our door and meet us face to face. And not only our neighbors but other children and their families from our town. I don't want to waste this opportunity to share a little ounce (or a 2 ounce Baby Ruth size) of truth to sweet children from our area.

We have decided to see this night as a mission. To be the light of Christ in the darkness of the world. To share God's word one Butterfinger, Kit-Kat and Air Head at a time. It may be our only chance to invest a little bit of the gospel into someones life. I pray that each of those candies we handed out will be read and that it will remain on their hearts. You never know who could come to salvation by a little address label on the face of a MilkWay Fun Size bar! God can move on any one in any form or fashion. 

I want to encourage you. As other believers to not hide from the world but get out there and be the light in the world and in the community around you on this night. It is one of the ONLY nights out of the year that you will have 100+ people come to your door and connect with you on some level. It is a chance to say "Jesus Loves You" or "Your Special" to someone who may be lost and hurting. Turn it into a family mission. Be a light.
My Pretty Sister helping me label everything today!! 
 Some of our Jesus Candy
 My sweet Sugars at Dads office Chili Cook-off (which I won 3rd...out of three...but hey at least it placed! HA!)

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  1. Ive read the history of halloween all the way back to BC times and never even heard of this. If it really is about demonic practices im going to research it. everything Ive learned about it date back to egyptian BC times when they mummified the dead.


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