Monday, October 1

Emme Girl's 4th Birthday.

I had the BEST time at sweet Emme girl's first birthday party ever!!!
Hello Kitty absolutely took over my house. There was pink and purple and glitter EVERYWHERE! But I wouldn't have had it any other way!
Emme is so easy to celebrate.
She is kind, gentle, loving, tender, sweet and oh so lovely. She brings more joy then I ever thought possible. I feel incredibly blessed to be her momma.
Since being HOME she has been to 10 birthday parties. She LOVES birthday parties. They are so exciting to her. But she hadn't had one of her own until yesterday. For 3 months she has talked about HER birthday party...EVERYDAY. Ha! She has had the thing planned since June!
Hello Kitty is her obsession and that is what she wanted. Despite my desperate efforts convince her to have a vintage inspired woodland fairy party she insisted on Hello Kitty!
So Hello Kitty is was.
She was in love with every detail of her party and even more in love with the fact that the whole day was about HER.
It was HER special day!

It was such a great and FUN party! Thank you Blair for all your help baking and decorating and making PB&J sandwiches for an hour! HA! And helping clean up and washing all those dishes!! You were an amazing HELP I am so grateful for you!! 
And Thank You Wynne for the lovely pictures!!! They turned out really great! And Jill!!! There is an inner photog in there! I LOVE the cake pictures you took they are so great! 

Friends!!! Thank you all for coming and celebrating my Girl! I know she felt soooo loved and incredibly special!! She is in love with all of her gifts (so are the boys! HA!) Thank you for blessing her and loving her!!! 

Emme! I pray that year 4 will be the best year yet! Full of FUN and exciting things!!! We love you to heaven and back sweet coffee bean!! You are so special and so loved!!! 

PS.... I am not sure why Dad isnt in any pictures... He was there I promise! HA! Sorry Philly! 

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