Tuesday, October 2

Florida Birthday

We finally took a "real" family vacation! We have never taken a "real" trip with all of the kids. Phillip and I love to travel. With his work I have been able to tag along to some pretty fun cities. But we have never taken the kids anywhere further then 9 hrs from where we live. We knew we wanted to go somewhere special and fun since we can only do this once year. So we saved and planned for several months. We had thought about going to Disney World, Disney Land or the Bahamas. We nixed the Bahamas idea since we would have to deal with passports and such. It just sounded like alot of work. And we decided no on the Disney trips because we felt like at this particular time we wanted something relaxing and low key. Nothing too high paced.

After researching for a couple of months we landed on this fun resort in the Florida Keys. Its called Hawks Cay. We found it via Gilt Group. An online sample sale site. We got a killer deal!!

We got to stay in a 3 bedroom villa which turned out perfect. There was a full kitchen and living room and the kids got to enjoy going out on the dock each morning. We were lucky enough one day to spot a Manatee while sitting on the back porch. It was really dreamy.
The resort had everything you needed. Restaurants, pools, a really FUN lagoon (picture above) a kiddy park, a dolphin connection program and sooo much more. It was a BLAST. It was the perfect relaxing vacation we were looking for.

This is the dreamy house we stayed in. It was spacious and so comfortable. We loved it. 
 The back yard. 
 The kids LOVED swimming in the Lagoon. 
 I think the Pirate Ship pool was definitely their favorite! 
I love how this picture captures of of the kids personality. So sweet. 
 On day one we went to the kids camp and made Shark Tooth Necklaces. ;)
On Day 2 we got to play with the Dolphins and Feed them! It was MY FAVORITE part!!! 
Parker says he is now going to be a Dolphin Trainer while he goes to school to be a marine biologist. (Which he has said he was going to be for a year now... he probably will be ;) ) 
 Later that day, we went to a beach. It was kind gross. I just cant get past the stinky mil-dewy seaweed. Yuck! But the kids LOVED it! 
And we made Sand Art ;)
the last day we were there it just happened to be my birthday! This year was the BEST birthday yet. And the vacation was the frosting on the cake! I ordered all of my favorite foods! I was so excited when I saw the menu at the restaurant. They had just about EVERYTHING! 
I ordere Sushi (my favorite) Hot Wings, Queso and Chips, Spicy Fries and a Big Ole Burger!!!! I ate half of everything and it was the most perfect Birthday dinner!!! Not only was the food good but the restaurant was having a Mardi Gra madness night and it was so festive. Plus I got to share in my birthday wonderfulness with my favorite people. My family.  It was a GREAT trip, a GREAT birthday and I cant wait for our next family vacation. 

While we were there Beckham almost perfected his back dive. For a young 4 yr old...I'd say he's pretty impressive!!! 

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