Monday, November 12

For Sale.

Ok. Its official. Our house is on the market. We must be looneys or something for putting our house on the market in NOVEMBER 2 WEEKS before Thanksgiving!!!
We are those people.
Those crazy people who do crazy things.
And NO... We are NOT moving to Ethiopia.... YET anways ;) Just wanted to get that outta the way.
We are staying local.
This whole house thing has been quite the ordeal over the last year and a half. We LOVE our house but feel like God was telling us a year and a half that we needed more rooms because He is going to FILL them!!!! Originally we thought we would build again. God showed us differently. Through much stubbornness on our end we gave up "OUR plans" for our house and we have been waiting to hear from God on what to do while searching homes up for sale in our city. I think I have seen around 20 homes. Thank you Julie for your patience!!!

Last Thursday I found the perfect one. Not exactly what I had imagined in my head but perfect for the dream we have of filling up a house with kiddos. Lots of kiddos. It is a GREAT house with LOTS of rooms.
We saw it.
Loved it.
Put an offer on it.
They accepted. 
We signed contracts last night.
And put a sign out infront of ours today!!

SOOOO.... Now my pretty house that we have lived in for the last 3 years is now officially on the market. CRAZY!!!! Is it weird I feel kinda sad? It's such a weird combo of feelings. Excited to see what God does with the extra bedrooms while sad to leave the home we have lived in and made so many wonderful memories in. Emme's first home in America! I know... I tend to be a weirdo sappy woman when it comes to things like this!
But I am SOOO excited about out NEW CRAZY ADVENTURE.
I mean I can get 12 kids in this house easy.

Now we gotta get this baby SOLD!!! If you know anyone looking in Midland/Odessa send them my way!!!

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  1. Wow, what a beautiful home. I will keep you in my prayers. I know God will provide a way. I too know that God has placed adoption on my heart. We don't have a home right now but I am certain that He will provide all that we need in time so that His plans can be put in place. Just the same, He will provide you with the space you need. If for any reason you decide to stay in your home and need a plan for maximizing your space let me know. I love spatial design and decor.



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