Saturday, November 24


One-On-One time.
It's a term used often in our home.
It started with Phillip going on early morning donut dates with Parker a couple of years ago.
Phillip has been amazing at setting aside special time for each child.
Whether it be getting donuts, Froyo, pancakes at Cracker Barrel or just time watching a movie alone after everyone else is in bed.
He is a really great dad and makes this time a priority.
This time, for each child, is something that is highly anticipated and begged for. Which is a blessing and we are embracing it. (I need to embrace and participate in it more.)
We recognize that the day where our kids no longer what to spend time with us is approaching quickly. This breaks my heart. So...with knowing those teen years are lurking around the corner we are trying to soak up all of our time with our kids that we have.
Tonight Phillip and I focused on Parker. With everything going on with his schooling and him feeling a little left out this time was much needed. Quality time is his top Love Language and it has been obvious he is starving for some.
Phillip felt strongly today that God was prompting him that we needed to take Parker on a special date tonight! I am thankful I have a husband who listens to God and acts on it.
Tonight was special and I am thankful for time we had with our son.
I was a little concerned our plans weren't going to work out since Parker has been under the weather with Asthma issues the last 2 days. Today being the worst.
But after a couple of breathing treatments and some Morton...Parker managed to muster up some energy for a fun night out.
While the littles spent the night with my sister we...the 3 of us... set out on the funnest date.
We let Parker choose what we did.

Our evening started with dinner at Mr. Gattis.
Parker had a feast. Devouring his 2 slices of pizza, macaroni and spaghetti. After his tummy was satisfied we enjoyed racking up the tickets in the arcade for some pretty fun prizes. Parker cleaned house.

Winning 290 tickets. With which he bought 4 new snakes.
3 new army men.
Some handcuffs.
Some orange Vampire teeth.
2 foam airplanes.
And a bouncy ball.

After our dinner date and time at the arcade we strolled through PetsMart on the hunt for a new fish.
Our beloved fish "Bait" died a few months back so we decided to find him a replacement.
It took some convincing to get Parker to accept that we were NOT going home with a SNAKE! However I would have settled for the ├╝ber cute Chinchilla they had.
We landed on a Dragon Scale Beta who is reddish orange. He seemed to be the most alert out of the crew they had. His name is "Reddy" and now he lives in my kitchen.

After we got home we played a board game and a matching game that Parker invented. He is really creative! And then we snuggled on the couch and watched Spy Dogs.
After he fell asleep I leaned over and curled up next to him. I buried my head on his back and listened to him breathe. Through the rattling of his asthmatic lungs I could feel and hear his little beating heart. I embraced him and thanked God for this tender and gentle life he has given us to nurture and raise. And oh how thankful I am for this privilege. So deeply thankful.
Tonight was the best Friday night.

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