Sunday, December 30

2012 Recap

2012 Has been a GREAT year. It has been full of answered prayers, new dreams, a couple of step backs, a new project/ministry developing, buying and selling homes and lots of adventure.  I cant believe it is another close to another fun and FULL year. Each year we grow. We grow closer as a couple, as a family and we grow closer in our friendships. Most importantly each year we grow closer and closer to God. He teaches us new things each year and this year did not disappoint. I am excited for  a New Year. This new year will start with a bang. We close on both our new house and our current house on the 24th of January. So when Christmas comes down...all of my decor is coming down too. It's a little sad and overwhelming. But we are thrilled to see what God has in store for our family with the purchase of our new home. I loved this is a little recap of our favorite things 2012 held.

January 2012
We finally got the call to hop on a plane to pic up our sweet Emerson in Ethiopia and bring her home!

Saying goodbye to her little room!

Long exhausting travel!

Being Welcomed HOME by the most amazing support group made those long hours on those flights so worth it! I cant even describe the emotion that came over me when I saw all the faces of those that had fought so hard spiritually to get us here!!!!

February 2012

We had LICE!!!!

Emerson's first Photoshoot!!!

First Playdates with our other little Kamashi friends!

March 2012

Siblings bond through Red-Neck tractor rides!
Lots of Frozen Yogurt dates with these guys!

Parker turns 6!!!!!

April 2012

Kids Celebrate Easter with Parker's class with some FUN face paintings!

We celebrated Easter as a family at my Mom's with these gorgeous little things!

Kids ran their 1st 1k in their I Love Camp shirts!!!

May 2012

We got to celebrate Camp (+Asher) at a FUN baby shower!!!

Parker Graduated Kindergarten!!!! Woohoo!!

We had the Privilege of Baptizing some of our Lifegroup!! What an amazing experience and opportunity God brought to us! We adore being apart of these peoples lives.

June 2012

Ethiopia Take 1 - The trip  fell apart later that day but God's hand was clearly all over this team and trip! We didnt give up. We fought through came home from Houston and re-planned Ethiopia Take 2!!

Emerson got her ears pierced!!!

Emerson's First Father's Day and Phillip's First Fathers Day with his sweet daughter!

July 2012

Ethiopia Take 2 Fundraiser and Church BBQ!!! Love these ladies!!!!

Beckham turned 4!!!!!!

We had some good rain in July. The kids and I (along with Aunt Jessica) took advantage of this fun and rare weather!

August 2012

Our team finally made it to Ethiopia!!! It was the most amazing and fun trip I have been on!!  What a blessing to be able to serve with these mighty women!

One of the most amazing things God worked out on this trip was that my Bestie was there!!! Waiting to be cleared by the Embassy to bring home these two sugars! I was even able to slip away from the team for an afternoon to meet these little babes. It was nothing short of a dream!!

When I got home from Ethiopia I had 10 days until school started. Parker started 1st grade (he's now back in Kinder) at Midland Classical this year! We love it!!!

September 2012

September was a HOT one! We spent many days outside playing in the water hose and playing with friends!

We also spent many evenings bouncing the kids on the trampoline. So many fun memories.

Emerson turned 4!!!!
The littles started school at our churches Parents Day Out program! It is their favorite things to do!!!
We also took our very FIRST real family vacation!!

October 2012
We took the chickens to see Veggie Tales Live! I have to admit that I really loved it myself!! 

I hosted a Noonday Collection Show for Wynne while she was in Africa! Let me just say...If she has done a show for you, you should love her a lot...its so much work!! LOL! But so fun!!! 

The Chickens in the special Dress Up Day clothes! (You can find how we do Halloween here

November 2012

We took a little quick trip to the mountains the first weekend of November. It is always so nice to get away! (we took the kids Parker took this photo)
We made to difficult decision to hold Parker back and put him in Kindergarten again after the Thanksgiving Holiday. He is showing signs of dislexia and after many tests and meetings with teachers we felt like this was the direction the Lord was leading us in! Best decision EVER so far!!

November also brought us a chance of a life time!!! We had the opportunity to drive to Dallas to meet Emme's Biological brother Amenti! It was so sweet to reunite these two siblings again. We are over joyed and oh so thankful for this new friendship with this precious family and we are looking forward to many more trips!! Post about this here.

December 2012
This Christmas I got to throw a little Christmas Party for some of our friends.

We took our neices on a hayride to see Christmas Lights one night. I was cold but so fun!

Beckham and Emme had their class Pajama Day Christmas Party. Emme was loving all of this Christmas stuff this year can you tell?! HA!

We also got to celebrate a sweet friends Birthday! We always have so much fun together. This night was filled with so many laughs and so many fun stories!

As you can tell this year has been filled with so much Love, so many victories, so many FUN moments!
2013 I hope you trump 2012!!!! We are ready for you all that you have coming our way!!!


  1. Oh man, what a year you've had! I can't wait to see what 2013 throws your way!

  2. Sweetest recollection of memories -- thanks for sharing!

  3. Mandi Thank you! It was a FULL and wonderful year!!

  4. Chantel - I cant wait to see what 2013 throws our way either!!

  5. loved the recap!!!! can't wait to see you all again soon!!! :)

  6. love reading about your year!!! can't wait to see you all again! :)

    1. Emily!!! I cant wait either!!! Hopefully soon! Are you going to the Created for Care conference in Atlanta? Do you know what that is??


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