Wednesday, December 5

Angel Inspiration.

I adore how this Christmas Angel has taken off. My kids are LOVING it. They cannot wait to see what their next mission will be tomorrow. I heard Parker praying earlier asking God to let the Angel come tomorrow with toys to give to little kids. This is WAY more fun then playing Santa!

I also love how this is exploding in the homes of my friends. It brings so much JOY to my heart to see so many people want to serve and serve BIG. A friend of mine has been face booking me back and forth about this Angel. We both agree that the Angel is a little iffy looking. We are sure what it is. My friend Beth thinks it might be the dreadlocks. Hmmm...
Anyway my friend Leah, the one face booking me, decided she was going to get her own Angel and work around not having the actual "kit".  While she was cooking dinner an idea came to her. Here are her words....

So while making dinner last night I was thinking about The Christmas Angel idea & why I couldn't just do it on my own...literally this came to me in about 5 seconds & I had to stop what I was doing to write it down. After I stopped & read it I got teary because I knew that it had to have been divinely inspired because there's no way I could've come up with something that fast! So I wanted to share it with you & see what you thoughts on it were. It would be a 'letter' that came with the Angel.

Here is the letter she just "came up with":

I'm a Christmas Angel and I've come from up above
To help you look at others and to share with them God's love.
It's important to bring joy throughout the whole year too
And point other's to Jesus by letting HIS light shine through you!
Each day I will help you find someone who is in need
For an extra dose of Christmas cheer will make them smile indeed.
Look for me, a messenger, I'll point you the right way
To share a special Christmas wish to help make someone's day!

After scooring every major department store today she couldnt find a single plush angel. There are tons and tons of snowmen, Santa's and even Penguins but NO Angel!! Here is the message she sent me after she ended up empty handed on her hunt for an Angel:

So after my search ended empty handed, I decided to look in a box I had in the attic of Precious Moments & other dolls. I had 2 plush/plastic Precious Moments dolls. Eliana has a bear that is a ballerina angel & I discovered the clothing comes off. SO, I grabed the leotard with the attached angels & put in on one of the precious moments was way too big, but I put the original clothes back on OVER the leotard & it bunched up the extra fabric & the wings are the perfect size & it looks as if it was made that way the whole time. I'm washing the little apron piece that goes on top because it's discolored from storage but that particular Precious Moments was from the Beatitudes line & the apron says, 'Others First' How PERFECT is that?! She doesn't look Christmasy AT ALL, BUT I'm going to say at the beginning of the letter that her name is Noel (one of my fave names growing up & is fitting I think) & that she was their mommies angel first & now she is coming to be their Christmas Angel. How cool that I can tell them that she used to sit on my dresser when I was a little girl growing up & now she's been given a greater mission for them! I'm just so excited right now! Thank you so much again for pointing me to this idea! I'm going to box her up with the letter & have her appear on the door step tomorrow. Her first days instruction will be to watch the VeggieTales St. Nick movie (since we haven't watched it yet this year) as a family & then talk about the real reason for Christmas! & Friday I'm stealing your 'bless your teachers' idea for Micah's teacher when he goes to school!  I'll post a picture of her with the kids tomorrow!

Isn't it amazing how God works out the details when we are searching for ways to bring Him Glory and Honor! Even in things like teaching our children to have a heart like Christ through a Christmas Angel. God cares about these littles things. I love how God is moving in the hearts of my children, in My heart, in the hearts of my friends and their children and in the hearts of people in my community! What an amazing time of year this is. I hope you feel encouraged and inspired this holiday season. I hope Jesus shines brightly and you find JOY out of your own family traditions.

Here is the final cut of Leah's letter...or I guess the Bryson Christmas Angel's Letter. It is so beautiful. I hope and pray that this inspires you and your family to capture the heart of Christmas.

Dear M and E,
I’m a Christmas Angel and I’ve come from up above
To help you watch out for others and share with them God’s love.
It’s important to bring joy at Christmas and throughout the whole year too
And point others to Jesus by letting HIS light shine through you!
Each day I will help you find someone who is in need
An extra dose of Christmas cheer will make them smile indeed.
Look for me, God’s messenger, I’ll show you the right way
To share a special Christmas wish and help make someone’s day!
My name is Noel. I used to be assigned to your mommy Leah and you know what? She even gave me my name! When she was a little girl I would sit on her dresser and help her to remember she needed to think of ‘others first.’ She wasn’t always very good about doing that but, she did try very hard! She loves you both so much and asked for God to send her something to help teach you the same thing, to put other’s and their needs first! Sometimes when you’re little it’s hard to understand that there are others who don’t have nice things like you do. You are very blessed to have a daddy that is able to work very hard so that you can have the food and clothes that you need and even have lots of fun stuff like all your video games! So when your mommy asked for a way that she could help you learn how to think of others first and to look for ways you could help people, God decided to send me back to YOU. Except this time, I won’t just be sitting on your dresser because I’ve been given the promotion of Christmas Angel and that means that I will be giving you your own mission each day so that you can be a blessing to someone else! So remember to look for me each morning when you wake up to get your mission and my special message!
Remember, God loves you SO much that He sent Jesus for YOU! And THAT is why we celebrate Christmas because we are so thankful that Jesus came so that one day we could all live together with God! That’s why, especially at Christmas, we need to tell others about Jesus and show them how much He loves them because He is the greatest gift they could ever get!
I can’t wait to give you your mission tomorrow!

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  1. Oh I just love this! I am going to look for my own angel for next year and hopefully start this with the kiddos. Thanks for sharing Jenna!


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