Wednesday, December 5

Candy Cane.

Have you ever heard the Legend of the Candy Cane?

Well as rumor has it Candy Canes were originally used as pacifiers for babies and restless children in church services and pageants. At that time they were simple, straight, white, and hard sugar sticks.
A German choirmaster in the 1600's had the bright idea to bend the sticks into the shape of a shepherds hook which made them easier to hold. As little children would enter the cathedral they would be handed this sweet treat as a pacifier to keep them content and quiet during the Christmas Pageant. As they got more popular people began to hook them on their trees.
As the story continues, a few hundred years later, a candy maker from Indiana decided to add to the popular sweet treat by adding a large red stripe as a symbol of the blood that Christ shed for us.
The smaller red stripes were added to symbolize the stripes that Jesus received during his crucifixion and to remind us of the promise that "By his stripes we are healed." (Isaiah 53:5 NKJV)
The white signifies the pure and perfect, sinless life Jesus lived.
While the peppermint flavoring stands in for hyssop, the plant used in old testament sacrifices, to remind us of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.
The hardness demonstrates that Jesus is our Rock. Our salvation.
Lastly the bent shape represents the hook of a Shepherds staff to remind of the Good Shepherd.

I do not know how much of this story is truth but I love that we can find the Gospel in these simple things. And a simple thing such as a Candy Cane can be a GREAT visual reminder of Jesus this time of year.

Today our Christmas Angel came and left some candy canes for us to give out to our neighbors. We are typing up this story and attaching them to each Candy Cane while we pray that someone will feel the love Christ has for them.
Taste and See that the LORD is GOOD. - Psalm 34:8 
Emphasis mine. 

We delivered our Candy Canes. The kids had a blast. We got to see a few neighbors and they loved them too. You should do this with your family on your block. It is such a blessing to be able to share a bit a Christ with those who live closest to you.

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