Tuesday, December 4

Christmas Angel

This morning the Christmas Angel came to visit the kids. My plan was to start this on December 1st but I have been well...lazy. Sadly this weekend she has not been the first thing on my mind. So...we started today. Better late then never I suppose.
Last night when I got home from class Parker was still awake so I thought it was a great opportunity to read him the story of the Christmas Angel. He LOVED the Christmas Angel story. It truly captures the core of Parker's heart and it screams his love language.

The idea behind the Christmas Angel is a lot like the Elf on the Shelf. But it is Manger centered. It really focuses on the TRUE meaning of Christmas. It encourages children to have a heart like Christ during the holiday season and to GIVE rather then receive. And to love and serve one another.  I LOVE this. I LOVE seeing my children be hyped up and excited about Christmas.

Our family does not put a huge emphasis on Santa. We don't encourage him nor do we discourage him. To us, we see Santa as a fun childhood fantasy. And actually the story of who Santa is and how he originated is not something that should be turned down. It just needs to be re-aproached. Retaught.  We as a society have lost sight of the REAL meaning behind the good ole St. Nick. (that will have to be a whole 'nuther post)

So...in our home we are intentional about making Christmas Christ centered. Since well...
He is the Reason for the Season. 
What an amazing (and stressful) job we have to instill Christ and values into our children's hearts. And what an amazing opportunity we have each year to really focus on a GIFT that we all have the opportunity to receive, that we DO NOT deserve.
The greatest gift of all. The gift of Jesus. The ONE who laid down his life. So that we can be redeemed and restored to the Father. The perfect sacrifice.

Really capturing the heart of Christ and the True meaning of Christmas can be hard this time of year. We all get distracted by the commercialization of the Holiday. I know I do. I have to constantly keep my heart reminded of why we are celebrating. It really isn't about the fun parties, the gifts, the lights, the tress, it is about CHRIST.  I believe this Angel tradition will not only help and encourage my children to restore the value and meaning of Christmas but it will help me too along the way. The Angel comes each day with a hint or clue on how to Love and Serve those around you. I am going to have to be on top of it. 

So today, Our angel came and she left us a hint on how to love someone today.
She left a note saying "Bless your teachers" for the kids and left some pretty yellow flowers to give to them. The kids were SO EXCITED to see the Angel today and to give their teachers their flowers. 
As each kid walked into class they handed their teachers their little bouquet and said...
Merry Christmas Jesus Loves You! 
Melt my heart. 
I am so thankful for a product like this. If you are interested in getting one for you family you can find it here. Just click the image below and it will take you to the Christmas Angel website. 
I hope this holiday season is magical for you and your family. I hope that you are Blessed and Encouraged. I hope that Christ shines upon you and your family the Christmas Season. 

PS This is one of my friends take on the Christmas Angel. Read her post by clicking the image below.


  1. I'm beyond excited! thanks for sharing! we WILL be getting an angel next Christmas! we don't do Santa and certainly not elf on the shelf, (though I find him adorable)!

  2. I want to hear about you do Santa. It is something we have discussed a lot and I totally agree with what you said about not encouraging it or discouraging it. So...how do you do that!? Ha

  3. @ Leslie I will write a post explaining how we do Santa ;) We do Santa. But Santa is not the center of our Christmas. It is kinda tricky ;)

  4. Yes, we want to do Santa in some small manner but it was definitely tricky trying to work it out in my head too! Thanks!

  5. We do Christmas similarly at our home.


    I talked about it today as well.

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  7. Love this, Jenna. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  8. My daughter is using the Angel in her classroom. We are needing some ideas of things for her to do. The kids are loving it. They have made Christmas cards for the wounded vets and so on. Any ideas would be great.


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