Monday, December 10


 Tonight I have a couple of sickies. I think the flu or the bug has hit our house.
It hurts to see your littles so sick.
Beckham's hit instantly.
In HEB with Phillip. Puke everywhere in the Dairy aisle.
Parker's started last night I guess.
And has continued to get worse.
And Emme. Poor Sugar.
She is just so stopped up and congested.
So I guess off to the Dr. we go tomorrow. I generally avoid the doctor at all cost. I really do not enjoy taking the kids to the doctor. And usually a simple little home remedy and a little TLC will do the trick. But these babies are miserable.

I am up late "working".
Doing all of those things that are so hard to do when the kids are awake.
It is hard to be "present" in their life and take care of other business so I guess I sacrifice sleep.
Precious sleep.
I have partnered with some friends this year to host the first Annual Giving Hope Christmas Outreach. The event is Saturday. I am so excited.
And of course. It is just like the enemy to rob my family of precious time and energy before we gear up for our outreach. In Jesus name I am praying the this sickness out of my house.

I have seen this post floating around Facebook and Pinterest. What do you think?

Today I fulfilled our angel's mission. I served my littles and encouraged them. We had lots of snuggle time today. 

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