Wednesday, December 12

Purchase with Purpose

Purchasing with Purpose.
It's a passion of mine.
It may even be classified as a hobby. Finding pretty new Fair Trade items.
Depending on who you ask. *wink*
It is so fun for me to purchase something CUTE that GIVES back.
I love CUTE fun things. As do most girls. And guys if you are anything like my husband.
Often times people think of products that 'Give Back' as somewhat-cute but over-priced products that they normally wouldn't purchase.
But... since they feel some sort of guilt or compassion for the people or country selling them, they purchase the product, whatever it may be.
But they don't really LOVE the product.

In America.
Especially this time of year.
Our culture demands/pressures us to purchase.
Purchase some more.
And keep on purchasing.

Keep calm
Purchase on.

Sorry...I couldn't resist.
So since we are in the spirit of purchasing I want to inspire you and challenge you to Purchase with Purpose.
I want to encourage you to purchase things that have a story.
Or that tell a story.
When you purchase things that have a story, you become a part of that story.
A part of a movement.
You become a part of improving someones life.
You become a part of curing diseases.
You become a part of putting shoes on children's feet to prevent diseases due to over exposed soles.
You become a part of a community.

Who doesn't LOVE being a part of a community? Being a part of a story? Being a part in changing someone's life?

I, as well as a couple of my besties and fellow bloggers Wynne & Alison, have found some really cute, trendy and fun finds from all over the world that we CANNOT live without.
Or wouldn't want to at least.
And we want to share them with you.

One product that I have fallen in LOVE with is soleRebels.

From their website:  soleRebels began in 2004 as an idea: to bring jobs to our community, Zenabwork, a small village in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, a place where there literally were none. Having grown up watching our family and neighbors struggling, we decided to create the "better life" we were all waiting for by harnessing our community's incredible skills and channeling them into a sustainable, global, fair trade footwear business. We have done that and more and we are proud to say that the soleRebels brand is being enjoyed by people in over 30 countries around the world. 

I own 2 pairs of soleRebel's and Emme owns 1. I LOVE my soleRebels. They are beautifully crafted.
To learn more of their story and to purchase your own click the above image. Their story is definitely worth reading!

Another favorite is OneHope Wine.

This is something a little different. It's not your typical charity product. There aren't paper bead necklaces, recycled material that make up a shoe, there aren't beautifully woven quilts. But this is an American Organization/Company that was made up of 8 friends who were selling wine out of the living room and out of the back of their cars to help another friend who had cancer.
From their website - OneHope Wine effortlessly seeks to turn 'giving back' into a lifestyle of hope and change. Thus enabling wine lovers (eh-hmm) to enjoy the product and be apart of OneHope's vision with little effort by the consumer.  
They have raised over $1,000,000 for a wide range of charity organizations. OneHope Wine donates 50% of its profits to partner charities benefitting various causes. Such as Fight Against Autism, Supporting Our Troops, Breast Cancer Awareness, Clean Water etc. So all you have to do is purchase a single bottle of wine and they give some of the sales to a partnered charity of your choice.. Or you can by a case for friends, a dinner club, clients, your boss, whatever and you become a supporter of something great. Being a Supporter is way better then being just a customer. In my opinion.

Another amazing product/company is Warby Parker.
All of my friends know I LOVE Warby Parker! Who doesn't love Fun Cool Specs??? I do!!

Warby Parker  has the most unique and trendy style of glasses around. They are even incredibly affordable. We all know that frames+lenses can cost a fortune. Sometime $400+. But Warby offers amazingly hip frames+prescription lenses if you need them (or non if you just wanna be cool) for only $95! Some are $145 and they are AWESOME! You buy a pair, they GIVE a pair! Amazing!

Sometimes people find causes, other times causes find people.
I hope one of these causes finds you.
I hope that through our posts you feel inspired and encouraged and challenged to Purchase with Purpose.
Be a part of a story.
Change lives.
Give life.
Help bring Hope.
For more ideas you can follow my Pinterst Board here.

Be sure to check out Wynne's Blog here and Alison's blog here.
These girls have some pretty great style! 


  1. In LOVE with your blog!!!!
    And love this list. So good.
    Can't wait to read more:)

  2. Ashley! Thank you!! LOVE your blog also!! XOXO


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